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Rao Farman Ali

Nationality: Pakistani
Profession: Military General, Businessman, Federal Minister
Status: Dead (January 2004)
Known for: Planning Operation Searchlight, which killed thousands of Bengalis, founding Fauji Fertilizers

Rao Farman Ali Khan was born in 1923, in the town of Rohtak, in what is now India. In 1942, he was commissioned into an artillery regiment. After India and Pakistan became independent, he went with Pakistan and rose through the ranks, becoming a Major-General in the Pakistan army by 1970. He was sent to East Pakistan as an advisor to the governor, Tikka Khan, in 1971. It is here that he planned Operation Searchlight, which killed thousands of Bengalis within a few weeks. The brutality of Operation Searchlight led to war and East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan to become the new nation of Bangladesh. 

After the war, he retired from the military and was appointed a managing director of the Fauji Foundation, a conglomerate of companies run by the Pakistani military, which is staffed by retired military personnel. He stayed as a managing director between 1974 and 1985. In 1978, he opened a new division of the Fauji Foundation called Fauji Fertilizers. During the regime of General Zia-ul-Haq, he also served as Federal Minister of petroleum and natural resources.

He then retired and lived a quiet life and died in January 2004.

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