Emergency Shelter Cluster 2005: 
Pakistan Winterisation Guildelines 
excerpt from the winterisation Strategy 2010:

To maximize assistance and protection for those in need, the Winterization Strategy for Shelter & NFI advocates that the following three approaches be undertaken simultaneously:

a) Accelerated and increased distribution of winterized emergency shelter & NFI


Standard NFIs including blankets, bedding and mattresses have been part of the recommended NFI kits since the beginning of the emergency response. However, a significant gap remains in the target areas*. The Shelter Cluster stresses the need to accelerate distribution of blankets and mattresses already in the pipeline and advocates further procurement of these items to expand coverage, addressing areas with no coverage to date as an urgent priority.

b) Provision of winterized Transitional Shelter 

Certain Shelter Cluster members have experience of implementing winterized transitional shelter programs in Pakistan. Those who have experience and immediate implementing capacity are encouraged to act in the target areas.

 c) Identification of alternative solutions including collective centres

In areas where emergency shelter assistance has not yet been provided, it is recommended that agencies support flood-affected households to coordinate with local authorities to identify collective centers where families can be sheltered during the winter months. 

Winterisation Kit for Norther Sindh: 101104_Sukkur_Winterisation_Kit.doc

Minimum winter temperature maps: (uploaded 18th October 2010) also available below.