The shelter cluster has a number of district focal points seconded from a range of NGOs and INGO working in the affected districts.  The contact details of these focal points are listed on the contact us page.

The draft terms of reference are as follows:

District Shelter & NFI Focal Point – DRAFT Terms of Reference 

1.     Coordinate with the District government authorities, namely DCO and government shelter focal points, for the provision of shelter/NFIs in the district. Attend any relevant government meetings and inform of outcomes to the cluster members.

2.     Maintain a list of other actors working in the district and assist the cluster in gathering information on these actors’ activities.

3.     Work closely with government authorities and other agencies in identifying district gaps in the provision of shelter/NFIs. Highlight any important cases where assistance is urgently needed, and sharing them with the provincial hub.

4.     Organise any cluster coordination activities at the district level. The agencies selected as focal points in each district will nominate at least one person to act as a contact for coordination with the government and other agencies.

5.     Disseminate information to district level partners when required by the cluster