Yokohama, Japan 
14 -18, September 2013

Proteomics is a rapidly developing field in biological and biochemical research that is emerging as one of the most likely research endeavors to further the translation of basic knowledge into applications in medicine and agriculture. In order to respond to the explosion of information in the present era and current challenges, the rapidly up coming field of Proteomics, needs to be promoted. We have, therefore, launched the Pakistan Proteomics Society (PPS).The main objective of PPS is to promote excellence, good science, and the enhancement of research capacity in various areas of Proteomics. We hope to achieve this by facilitating collaboration, creating opportunities for training and maintaining links between fellow members from all over Pakistan. The PPS stands to represent  the scientists engaged in protein related research in Pakistan and hence, welcomes memberships from all over the country. The society has been registered under the Society Registration Act of Pakistan and its interim committee intends to extend the  membership to all researchers and students who are interested in this field.

If you are interested in promoting proteomics in Pakistan, we welcome you to join this Pakistan's first proteomics society.