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    Established in 1988, CARE Foundation is dedicated to providing a better future to the children of Pakistan by empowering them through education. CARE started with just one school with 250 students. Through the support and dedication of our donors and supporters,
      we are currently running 225 schools nation-wide, providing free quality education to more than 150,000 students.Not only that, CARE continues to expand to cater to all the needsof our students, providing them with guidance for higher education, technical training, job placements and entrepreneur programs.
     Every single paisa sent our way is important to us since we want to be able to reach the maximum number of children. Thus  CARE aims to keep infrastructure costs at a minimum without compromising on quality. On average, building costs for a well-equipped CARE school, providing primary and secondary education, are nearly half that of other organizations. The demand for the schools is so high that some schools have to run  double shifts to accommodate all the students wishing to enroll.This practice also maximizes the utility of the school buildings. CARE, the pioneer of public-private partnership, further minimizes expenses by adopting public schools. The buildingsare refurbished and the facilities are brought up to CARE standards. CARE then proceeds to provide the schools with trained teachers and conducts trainings for the existing teachers. Since CARE started adopting public schools, enrollment in these schools have seen a rise of 500% and there has been a marked improvement in grades by all children.
We at CARE value each paisa sent our way and try our best to maximize the efficiency of our system. CARE reaches 5 times more children per donor amount than any other recognized charity in Pakistan. The results of CARE Foundation over the past 20 years speak for themselves.
 Care Story

History - 20 Years of Care
CARE Foundation came into being in 1988 following the devastating floods in the Sheikhupura district of Punjab. A group of concerned citizens came together to help rebuild homes for these flood victims. While helping to rebuild, they would always have children following them and realized that there were no schools in the area. It was shocking to realize that at the very doorstep of the cultural and education centre of the nation, there were children who were deprived of even primary education. Thus, the first CARE school was established through generous donations from our supporters. 250 children registered on the very first day and since then CARE has evolved to provide free quality education to over 150,000 students in 225 schools across the nation. CARE has been able to make this astounding leap with erwhelming support of the community, private individuals, corporations and government organizations striving to eliminateilliteracy and poverty in Pakistan.

Adopting Government Schools
               CARE Foundation has pioneered a unique private public sector concept for providing free quality education to the masses. In 1998 stemming from the success achieved by CARE privateschools, the city-district government of Lahore offered CAREto adopt 10 of it's failed government run schools. This pilot project was a huge undertaking for CARE's limited resources. The condition of these schools was shocking to say the least. However, CARE accepted this monumental challenge and decided to adopt these schools by providing a two stage approach; first refurbishing and renovating existing buildings that included science laboratories, libraries, computer rooms, desks, blackboards, clean drinking water supply as well as construction of additional classrooms. In the second stage CARE provided these schools with trained teachers supplementing existing government teachers. Most importantly CARE brought about a cultural change in both methodology and academics and the enrollment rate in theseschools increased by 500%. This increase is testament to the improvement brought about by the CARE administration. CARE also took-on the task of training existing government teachersin order to improve their skills and overall capabilities with modern teaching methods. These measures resulted in the matriculation pass percentage to increase from 15% to 85% within a year.
     The CARE model of adopting government schools has proven that a cost effective sustainable model can be put in place for rapidly improving quality of education amongst a greater number of students. During the past ten years these students have proven to be a beacon of hope for our society, many of them graduating with honors in the board matriculation examinations.
Please join hands with CARE to alleviate illiteracy and realize the dream of an educated and prosperous Pakistan.

 All CARE Graduates are a pride and joy of a successful program run with your help for the children of Pakistan. Without your help
these children may never have had the opportunity of a better future.