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(A History of Friendswood, TX 77546 USA)


Pete Olson is Representative in District 22!


A message by the new pastor of our church, plus messages by Pastor P. K. Koshy, Songs, sister Anna Kandathil, etc.


A song from Great Lakes Believer's conference.



The Israeli National Anthem! 

My Basic Genealogy!!


The Branch of my Paternal family I know the least about. 


My detailed Genealogy 1. The eldest branch of my paternal family, They are Syro-Malankara Catholic, at least one of whom is in Germany.



My detailed Genealogy 2. One error on page 26, great-great Grandmother is not of Palakunnathu-Karimpalvelil, but a descendant of the third brother, Chackalayil-Karimplavelil. Page 47, Sam Chacko is me. I am sure you can figure out that these are all my third, second, and first level paternal cousins. Pages before 26 and after 47, list my paternal cousins at fourth cousin or fifth cousin level, and their decendants.


My Detailed Genealogy 3: Pakalomattam-Chackalayil Family History Pages: 252 - 269. (Turn Counter Clockwise to read pages without family trees) There is an interesting story of one of my ancestors who was a practitioner of KalriPayattu, and killed 12 people who were attacking in one second with a sword.



My Detailed Genealogy 4: Pakalomattam-Chackalayil Family History Pages: 269 - 279. (Turn Counter Clockwise to read pages without family trees)



My Detailed Genealogy 5: Pakalomattam-Chackalayil Idamannil Karimplavelil Family History Pages: 280 - 285. (Turn Counter Clockwise to read pages without family trees. My paternal Great-great- Garndmother Mariamma, is there @ top of page 280, Pakalomattam-Chackalayil-Kariamplavil Joeseph's & Pandanadu Moolacherry Mariamma 's daughter who married Kurianoor Annicattu.)



20071122AB002110025Kaliyankalky.pdf, I believe this is my father's mother's family of Kaliankal (Kaliyankal) - Pulickakuzhiyil.



My condolances to the dear & near ones:


പകലൊമററം Family Obits!older obits.


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