Adkham Paiziev, Ph.D.


    PhD in Physical Electronics Institute of Electronics Uzbek Academy of Science, Tashkent, 1994.

    Summary of Experience

    Dr. Paiziev has more than 20 years experience in life science and is  the author of chapters of four books, more than 150 scientific publications and 4 patents.

    Following a Ph.D. in physical  engineering  and electronics , he took up a position as

theoretical physicist,  and  head of  research group of positron diagnostics. He is one of the authors   about  positron  spur model in  radiolysis  and positron physics.

    Last  10 years  his interest has been connected with  elaboration the new  physical methods  in  medical diagnostics.  In particular  he  (together with coauthors)  in first  offers  the new kind of light microscope to reveal  cancer cells membrane lesions, to  see in color  red blood cells without   chemical treatment,  end other.   

    Dr. Paiziev  2 years ago  have organized  the new Lab. Of Biophotonics  aimed  to use  visible and IR light   for  human  treatment and diagnostics. In this area field his interest is connected with application elaborated physical  methods in cardiovascular  science, emergency medicine,  neurology, neonatology and psychology.  Paiziev was invited researcher  and professor in Catania University, Italy (2005), Wageningen University, The Netherland (2005-2006),  Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel (2009),  and participant and speaker  of many  international  meetings. He is member of  European Microscopy Society, of Open Textile Journal Editorial Board,  member of  Cellulose Journal Editorial Board, member of Int. Soc. Lab. Hematology.

    He is currently head of Biophotonic Lab.  in Institute of Ion-Plasma & Laser Technologies in Tashkent and  supervisor of 4  MS students.