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    paint tool
  • (paint tools) tools on a computer drawing and painting application which allow the user to paint.
  • balmy: informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"
  • chapped: used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure; "chapped lips"
  • alligatored: of paint or varnish; having the appearance of alligator hide
  • Crazy; insane
  • Damaged and showing lines on the surface from having split without coming apart
  • (of a person's voice) Having an unusual harshness or pitch, often due to distress
  • Cai (Simplified and Traditional Chinese) is a Chinese surname that derives from the name of the ancient Cai state. It's regionally more common in China's Fujian Province and in countries settled by ethnic Chinese from that province than in China as a whole.
  • A dagger with two sharp prongs curving outward from the hilt, originating in Okinawa and sometimes used in pairs in martial arts
  • Shai (also spelt Sai, occasionally Shay, and in Greek, Psais) was the deification of the concept of fate in Egyptian mythology.
  • The Sai or sometimes pronounced Sayee are a Muslim community found in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India. They are also known as the Sain.
paint tool sai cracked
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How To Cure Cracked Heels
How To Cure Cracked Heels
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Take a look at these words. Which would you choose to describe your feet?

Healthy, smooth, vibrant, beautiful, sweet smelling, damaged, ugly, cracked, flaky, painful, itchy.

If you chose either or all of the last five examples then chances are you may have dry cracked feet; particularly in the heel area. This is also known as Heel Fissures and in extreme cases can be very painful.

Generally speaking having cracked heels is quite common especially with women and those at retirement age. At first the condition seems nothing more than a little dry skin but if it is left untreated it could escalate to something more serious.

Luckily, this can be treated and your feet will be back to normal within a few weeks. In this book I focus on cracked heels specifically. It is written in chapters, each examining areas such as the symptom and causes of cracked heels.

You will be able to determine if you have mild or severe Heel Fissures. In chapters 4 and 5 there is information on how to prevent dry cracked heels and how to cure it with a list of very useful natural remedies. The list of remedies featured in this book are very simple to create and are cost effective saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Stop the pain in your heels and bring the life back into your feet!

Light painting tool
Light painting tool
Here is the tool which I used to create flag. Those are Christmas lights, tied to a stick and then I used gelatin papers to add colors.
Light painting tools
Light painting tools
103/365 This kinda stuff is always just layin' around my house, as well as any other light painter Id imagine