Some Ethnic Series and oil paintings drawn, painted, signed, photographed, uploaded by Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri over yrs 2007-present

My third sketch I drew and painted attempting to draw likeness of UK's Prince Charles.

The above sketch is my 3rd attempt  to draw and paint an actual living person who is the United Kingdom's Prince Charles as he looked in probably the BBC news. 
Also you will see my handwritten notes in the margins of that drawing, which means to me that I was sitting at my computer looking at news photo and made notes about the drawing so i would remember how to paint it.
I often draw while looking at a computer screen of a news photo. 

Ethnic series sketch Navajo Indian of US drawn and painted by me Gloria Poole,RN, artist of Missouri

Above is an ethnic series sketch I drew and painted in yr 2015 of a Navajo indian of the US. This is NOT a real, living Indian. I looked at the engraving on a nickel as my reference. My most recent ethnic series sketch I drew and painted is the "Asian vocalist /singer" that i created and posted to to my on the 23rd of Feb 2016. 


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&quot;The hug&quot;oil painting by Gloria Poole of Missouri
"The Hug" oil painting by Gloria Poole of Missouri; yr 2012 is NOT of real people. I created all of the "pretend people" or "composite people" as I call them with oil paint and brushes. 

This is one of the ethnic paintings I painted  in 2013 & named it North Korean; and is in oils on canvas. 16x 20 size. It is NOT a real man either.  Gloria Poole. Copyright.

The Scotsman oil painting by Gloria Poole, yr 2007
Above is the oil painting [in small size for unknown reasons??] that I Gloria Poole painted in yr 2007 and named The Scotsman. I have the tangible  paintings and might rephotograph them at some point. Gloria Poole ;Copyrighted images= all. NONE of these paintings are of REAL living persons. 

Sleeping in a Stetson oil painting by Gloria Poole, yr 2012

I painted the oil painting above in yr 2012 and named it "Sleeping in a Stetson". This is also one of the ethnic series oil paintings I painted for the western US region representation. This is NOT a real man but one I created with oil paint and a brush. 

Above is one of the ethnic series of  oil paintings that io began in year 2007 and continue to this day [5th April 2016] . This is NOT a real woman.

 I have posted many of those paintings to other blogs of mine including  

Above is a graphics I signed using a computer program years ago, that was on several websites of mine for years.

This is one of the oil paintings I painted of lighthouses that is part of a seres of oil paintings I painted in year 2006. 

This is my oil painting I painted when I lived on St Simons Island GA. It is named Angel with guitar.

My copyright notice

This photo you see below is me Gloria Poole, also known as Ms Gloria Poole, or gloriapoole or gloria0817 or gpoole817, or gloriapooleRN at yahoo, or gloriapoole7149, or gloria-poole; or gloria.poole; or other variations of my real born with name of Gloria Poole; but I sign the art I create as merely Gloria in my handwriting in paint, inks, or pencils in most cases. Occasionally I also sign my last name of Poole on some sketches. 

Gloria Poole; aka gloriapoole or gloria0817 or gpoole817

This website and all content --all words, art, photos and  the paintings themselves are copyrighted.

  I,  Gloria Poole,  residing in  Missouri but born in the state of Georgia, own the copyright to my created by me paintings, sketches, ink or pencil drawings, my writings, and my intellectual properties on my websites ,blogs, twitter.

 You may see more of my art I created/painted/ sketched/ drew in several places: on blogs and Picasa albums I created. Some of my blogs that I display art that I create on are:

And other sites and blogs of mine and also public albums with my art I made/ created/drew/sketched/ painted also. I post links to those intermittently so scroll archives to find them.

My signature on oil painting I painted in 2008

copyright notice of Gloria poole of Missouri 2014

And one of my Picasa albums with small size photos of art I created is located at: {I did not put that long string of numbers on it--Google did. But I love Google. They preserved my album I began in about yr 2007, for me, and I am very grateful.}.  You may also  be able to find it at: I am not sure the albums are identical. I uploaded dozens of my photos of art I created to the one with the string of numbers today 20-Sept-2013.

An acrylic painting I painted in 2006.

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