Boreal Island Rushes
24" x 36"


Painting primarily in Water Media Shelley attempts to adhere to the "Less is more" philosophy.  Expressing her subject loosely and quickly is always a goal. Although her work is representational, she strives for spontaneity and impressionistic brushwork, allowing the paint to
"Do it's own thing."

"I never like to be too controlled as I enjoy the surprises along the way.  Watercolour is complex.  It is always a challenge resolving these surprises in ways that add interest and intrigue to the finished work.  Acrylic can be a little more forgiving but the challenge comes in resisting the urge to describe too much.  Some things are best left for the viewer's imagination."

Favorite subjects include the prairie landscape,  figures in the natural  environment, atmospheric conditions, family and travel memories, fleeting impressions, and experimental work.  More recently she has enjoyed working on a grander scale.

"I try to avoid painting cliches  and am always searching for unique subject material or, at the very least,
 a unique way to portray it."


All watercolours are matted and framed
Prices range from $150 to $800

Heritage Farmyard
14" x 21"

Heritage Barn
14" x 21"

Snowy River
14" x 26"

Aspen Glow
12" x 22"

Morning Commute
14" x 26"

Fog Lifting
14" x 26"

        Prairie Fence Line
11" x 14"

Winter Serenity
11" x 14"


Arizona Sunset
9" x 18"

The Girls of Summer 1
20" x 26"

The Girls of Summer 2
20' x 26"

Made in the Shade
26" x 20"


Looking West
14" x 17"

Lantern Launch
9" x 16"


Happy Hour
14" x 26"


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