# 106-2008   - The Woodsman    - 14" x18" acrylic on panel  
I do some hunting, most years, in October when I spend a lot of time with my dad . He is a true woodsman . He lives off the land , hunts wild game and also cuts his own firewood . I first called this painting " The Hunter " but the title "The Woodsman" suits it best. Private collection. Blog demo
#105-2008  Partridge Berries - 8"x10"  acrylic on canvas
This is my favorite berry. They grow on the forestry cut over areas of Newfoundland, when the trees are harvested the tree branches and stumps are left to rot. This would seem like a waste, but in reality this rotting wood becomes fertilizer for the new growth that soon takes over. Nature has an amazing way of regenerating itself. New spruce , fir and birch trees start growing along with blue berries and partridge berries, which flourish in this environment . The decaying wood provides sustenance for the new partridge berry shoots and now that the overhead canopy of tree branches is gone there is enough light for an abundant crop of fruit. 8" x10" acrylic on canvas .Private collection.   Blog Demo
#104-2008 - Great-Grandfathers Well House- 12" X 16" acrylic on panel
A well house built by my great-grandfather, sits below a cliff in a wild grassy field . It was built about 60 years ago when his family lived in their isolated cove, in north east Newfoundland. This remnant of decomposing wood is all that remains standing of their simple buildings . I wanted to do a painting of it before it is forgotten. It is slowly falling to the ground and the boards of the roof are collapsing. It has been said that we are forgotten after the third generation who follow us. I believe this is true because my children will not know who Sydney Rice was. This painting will be for my family, a symbolic reminder of their roots . It also symbolizes the end of an era. Our founding fathers and mothers were a hard working people who lived off the land and sea. They were exposed to the elements daily and it was in many ways a harsh and simple life. Not for sale, private collection. Blog demo
#103-2008- In The Fog- 20"x 24"  acrylic on muslin over panel
  This is my second fog painting based on my interpretation of a cold October morning at the harbor of Pilley's Island , Newfoundland.
    Blog Demo