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#092-2005-  Sacrifices Remembered - 24"x 32 " acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas over panel 
A solemn granite soldier sits in a small town park. It's rich symbolic detail portrays  a war  scared veteran looking down on the grave of his fallen comrade. The cross symbolizes the sacrifices of young lives for our freedom. 
The broken chain at the foot of the cross points to our break from the  bondage of tyranny . The poppies grew in Flanders Fields
during the war years and are still a symbol of remembrance .
The cross itself is the Christian symbol of sacrifice. The three stripes on his right arm reveals that he was a sergeant and the fallen one may have been under his command . His face reveals a shell shocked agony .He is alive in body but his spirit is broken.






On the eleventh hour, during the eleventh day of the eleventh month we remember the sacrifices paid. This painting captures that moment of silence while the flag flies at half mast, in a gun powder blue sky, on remembrance day . 

#091-2005- After Monet-14"x 18"  canvas on hardboard
Claude Monet is one of my favorite impressionist . I did this one as a way to develop a style of realism with an impressionist influence.   “After Monet”  is my copy of one of his famous paintings “ Garden at Sainte Adresse “. It has never been my practice to copy another painter. But , in my progression as a student, in the fine art of painting , I felt that undertaking this course of study, of a master painter, would be beneficial. Private collection.

This painting has a style that I am after in my own work ; a blend of realism and impressionism. The original painting is 38”x 50” . My version of it is approximately one third of that size, at 14” x18”. You can see an image of Monet's original by clicking onto the link:  Monet original  .

You can follow my demo of this painting here: Painting Demo
#090-2005- At The Beach- 16'x 20"  acrylic on linen over panel
You will notice that the figures in this painting are alone. Many people today give off an air of self-sufficiency  but deep down they are desperately alone. I want the viewer to first see the beauty of the beach scene. I was after that "I want to be there" feeling. But, after giving the painting careful observation a viewer will notice an underlying  theme of aloneness. Loneliness is not a feel good emotion but it is a strong one. In this painting I managed to get this secondary emotion in there but in a very subtle way. Life can be an illusion and a painting can also be an illusion.Sold
#089-2005- Tides Of Change- 18" x 24"  acrylic on panel
The old Newfoundland is symbolized by the old wooden boat and the old style saltbox house on the right . The new Newfoundland is symbolized by the newer high tech long liner ships and the brightly painted fish stage on the left . The old ways are changing but the tides of change have been positive for the fisherman.
#088-2005- Silence/Stillness- 16" x 20"  acrylic on panel
When the snow clouds come in, a silence descends in the present stillness upon the land and light snow flakes begin to fall.
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