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#097-2006 Memories of Belle Isle  7"x 28"
My grandfather fished off the shores of Belle Isle which is near Labrador. I did this long format to try and take in the whole island.  I am not sure if it worked out as a work of art . But, it was done to remind myself of my grandfathers day and to create memories of those times .
I like this small section best as a painting but I don't have the heart to take my circular saw to it and cut this section off.  So here is a cropped digital  section  that I believe works best from a compositional perspective.
#096-2006  - At The Dock  -24" x 36" 
This was an exercise in glazing. There is perhaps 20 coats of glaze on that water.There is a lot of info on my blog Demo here    on how I did this painting. This little boat was tied off to a simple wharf and I walked by it on different days during  a summer visit to the location in north east Newfoundland. 
I chose to do the painting on an overcast day because it seemed to suit  what I was trying to portray. I loved the quiet serenity of the place.
#095-2006-  After Michelangelo  - 32" x 48"
Michelangelo painted his frescos 500 years ago . I did this one to learn from a master painter. It is a small section of his painting "The creation of Adam" that I have changed slightly to make it my own.
 Here is the original work by Michelangelo, click here   Creation of Adam
#094-2006-  Collin's Boat - 16' x20"
Collin loves his fishing boat. So, I thought I would do a painting of it. It was very quickly executed . It was perhaps the quickest painting I have ever done, in less then ten hours. Sold.
#093-2006- Blue water Sailing -24" x36"
I live near lake Huron .This painting resulted from reference material collected from many trips to a local marina. It was at the end of the sailing season in this area called "blue water" .Sold


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