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At the dock

Where the sea is calm

I walk near a little red and green boat 

Ripple waves gently lap against its planks

I hear the sound of the sea gulls

In the stillness I pause

I live for the moment



                                                                                                                          24" x 36" acrylic on panel framed



Welcome to my painting site. I have put links all over this introduction page . Click onto any them for viewing of my paintings ,  painting demos , photos  or my email address. I am in the process of building archive folders for each year. I have photos and records of all the paintings done, over a period of 38 years. I gave each one a number and recorded the size, who bought it , etc , and I photographed all of them. . . over the years I have painted 110 paintings . I hope to load up most of them at some point .  I did not paint much for ten years, but in 2018 I did two, check left side bar for the links.    Click here  Into the Light  or here   Grotto

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I have recently added a folder with photos from my vacations in Newfoundland.  Photos by Brian Rice
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A well house built by my great-grandfather sits below a cliff in a wild grassy field . It was built about 60 years ago when his family lived in their isolated cove in north east Newfoundland. This remnant of decomposing wood is all that remains standing of their simple buildings . I wanted to do a painting of it before it is forgotten. It is slowly falling to the ground and the boards of the roof are collapsing. It has been said that we are forgotten after the third generation who follow us. I believe this is true because my children will not know who Sydney Rice was. This painting will be for my family, a symbolic reminder of their roots . It also symbolizes the end of an era. Our founding fathers and mothers were a hard working people who lived off the land and sea. They were exposed to the elements daily and it was in many ways a harsh and simple life. 12" x 16" acrylic on panel



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