087-2004 - Sumac -8" x 10" on canvas
I had been wanting to paint a sumac in the fall. I was experimenting with texture and decided to do a small experimental canvas
086-2004 -For everything there is a season  16" x 20" on canvas
The old apple tree is at the end of its days ; here today gone tomorrow. We are like the grasses of the field here for a short season and then we are gone. There is a season for everything. - Eccl :3
085-2004 - Road to Discovery - 18' x 24" on canvas
The sumac red is a great contrast against the yellows . This painting is a road to discovery in three different ways . It is a road that leads to a place called "The Petrolia Discovery", it leads the eye to a place of new discovery and it is a new discovery in a looser painting style for me. It is modern realism in style. I wanted to enhance the colors  above nature somewhat. Sold
084-2004 - Sacred- 22" x 22" acrylic on panel
The door was originally from a 19th century rural church . Grandfather had it on his wharf store house for decades .This is his wharf scene as it would have looked in the 1970's . The items on the wharf are items held sacred by Grandfather; the tools of his labor. The wheelbarrow is one that would have been rebuilt in grandfathers day but the cast iron wheel was passed down from his father. The grindstone was worn off-center by years of hand turning . The anchor on the left and the fish cleaning bucket were always handy on the wharf. Private collection.






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