Western Horseman "More Than Color"

"More than Color" is designed to capture and preserve the history of the American Paint Horse by profiling the breed's most-influential stallions and mares.

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 More than Color - Paint Horse Legends

revised & expanded

by Frank Holmes

2008-second printing-America-A4 format-paperback-b/w + color photos-860 Gram.
240 pages

Features the stories of 20 Paint Horse Legends. Includes 2 NEW chapters: -Introduction -Special Recognition -Paints and Pioneers -Painted Joe -Babette -Skip Hi -Skippa Rope -Cherokee Maiden -Wahoo King -Calico Waggoner -Q Ton Eagle -Nylon -16 Page Color Signature -Mr. J. Bar -J Bar Junior -Painted Robin -Sallisaw Rose -Sabru Indio -Adios Amigos -Delta -Painted Lasan -Yellow Mount -Tinky's Spook - Photo Index

Compiled in recognition of the 40th anniversary of the American Paint Association.


More than Color Volume 2 : Paint Horse Legends


by Frank Holmes

2008-America-paperback-A4 format-200 b/w photos-680 Gram.
210 pages

Features 20 more stories of Paint Horse Legends including: -Joechief Bar -Gallant Ghost -Skippa Streak -Sky Bug Bingo -Hy Diamand Boy -Sr. Don Juan -Calamity Jane -Dual Image -Crystal Eye -Painted Breeze Bar -Cupid Bar -Leo San Man -Skip's Artist -Bear Cat -Taurus Jing -Flying Fawago -Fawago King -Snip Bar -Awhe Chief -Babby Skit.








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