Welcome! This is a site that I have put together for fellow teachers, administrators, and students. Here you will find different resources that I have tried and used within my classroom. 

"Flipped" Classroom- This is an educational strategy and method in which education is "flipped". See what is it, why to flip a classroom and how to flip videos under the "Flipped" Classroom Link.
Centers- Although many elementary teacher find centers to be routine, they are very new concepts for middle and high school teachers. Here are resources of centers I have put together on concepts along with videos of how to run centers, what centers are, and why to run centers.
QR Codes- A great way to bring Common Core into any classroom, along with technology.

Notebooks- I use interactive notebooks in my classroom from grades 3-12. I have different components I use in the notebooks as well as videos on what notebooks are, why use them, and how to use them in your classroom.

Student Digital Portfolios- I have students create and maintain digital portfolios of their projects and learning. If they start early enough they can maintain them for multiple years.