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This should be interesting Face painting balloon twisting airbrush tattoos and Magic all available from the face painting people.

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Where did the year go

posted 14 Nov 2015, 08:06 by Louisa Coates

Well here we are nearly a year gone, its been busy and fun face painting this summer some great contract across the uk.
I think the best thing about this summer was that I missed the rain I had sunshine all summer but I get the feeling that the rain has come big time im in Reading today which my children now call raining last week in the scottish Borders it was still fine and dandy.
Well whats the next big thing I think it will be Starwars for face painting we have a great range of stencils available on Ebay
These include Starwars Style James Bond Style and we also have Frozen Ijnspired Stencils great for glitter tattoos and airbrush

I am now getting ready for christmas and have my new paints from Magic Box Face paints I use a product called TAG the colours are amazing and they wash off realy well
Magic Box customer service is great and price is good too.

If your looking for face painters this Christmas then call 07403013131 great for partys events shopping centers good colourfull fun

Spring has Sprung to Summer

posted 30 Apr 2015, 08:45 by Louisa Coates   [ updated 30 Apr 2015, 08:47 ]

Event organisers every where are you ready for the Great British Summer,  get your shorts out and your flip flops on and enjoy the party. 
I am looking forward to great weather great BBQ fabulous clients and a wonderful tan, there is one way to get the party started and that's great entertainment we have it all face painters, Balloon artist, Disco, stilt walkers jugglers punch and Judy. oh and don't for get the walk about magician there is more available for your special event pop corn chocolate fountains and just lots of fun. 
So do you have an indoor or out door event its such a British question, I think a mix of the two works best often as please remember face paints and rain don't mix very well LOL, Im quite happy to rust a little but the paints just get all messy when the rain get's them. 
When its chilli you can normally get a little extra work from me by giving me a cuppa tea works a treat you know, coffee is also appreciated or if its really cold a hot chocolate cream and marshmallows please not that I am putting my order in just yet. I have a colleague who always seams to get fed at company BBQ they keep getting him back so they must like his work.
while the caricaturist  says they are hard work because people don't keep there faces still while they are eating, I have suggested he moves away from the food area when working lets see how that improves things. All events can be so different with there teams or themes or just sunshine I am so looking forward to getting my paints out on a warm day no jumper no gloves tee shirt and warm breeze its a wonderful thing to paint outside kids of all shapes colours and sizes, Face paint and sparkle makes for a fun event .... 
Look forward to seeing you in the summer at your special event lets have fun and some nice weather please
Louisa Coates
The Face Painting People 
Tel 07403013131

Welcome to the Face painting people

posted 24 Nov 2014, 03:34 by Louisa Coates

Welcome to the face painting people blog.  I hope I will be blogging about face painting and all the fun that goes with it. please pop back for more info soon

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