Painswick RFC Mini and Junior Section Membership Details

Playing Fees

The membership fees for this year (2020 - 2021) will be:

First Child£50
Second Child, £25
Third Child, £10

These figures include a Family Membership for the Broadham facility. If the family is already a member of the Broadham Club through family membership of the Tennis Club then this is not payable again. Otherwise it is compulsory to comply with the licensing laws.

Membership Forms

Membership forms are available to download below. The data that is collected will be used for Painswick RFC and also entered into the RFU Game Management System. 

Child Safeguarding

Please see below the club policy for child safeguarding.

General Data Protection Regulations

To be updated.


From time to time Painswick RFC may take photos of the children for team pictures whilst playing rugby. These pictures will solely be for parents or publications by Painswick RFC such as programmes, newsletter, Web site or promotional material in connection with Painswick RFC. Names will not be used to identify individual children. You will be asked to sign a statement to this effect on registration.

First Aid

Occasionally players may sustain an injury which requires first aid. We have trained first aiders present at Painswick RFC and we will require permission for them to give your child first aid and if considered necessary the right to call an ambulance.
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8 Sept 2020, 07:38
Chris Hall,
22 Oct 2019, 14:01