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Relief from pain with an App

The way apps Alchemy works, how to use it, for the relief of pain, and reduction of the symptoms of specific diseases.

The action of this apps consist on en mission of specific frequencies trough the speaker.
This frequencies can induce relief form pain and suffering.

During the emission of this kind of sound, you may adjust the volume and keep the Android close to your body.
The beneficial sounds will penetrate to your cells and create an effect of relief from pain and disease suffering.
You can keep the smartphone or the tablet also at 30cm from you, but for the better efficacy keep it closer.
You can receive also a mini-magnetic-treatment of beneficial frequencies if you keep it close, this because the way speakers are.

Some people do not feel the relief effect of this apps, so before you buy it, try the free one.
The time suggested for this kind of treatments is form 10minutes to one hour. It depends of the  personal need of relief form pain.