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Health and pain relief apps

Apps Achemy for specific Pain Relief and generic relief from any pain symptom.

 Description G.Play App
 Magnetic sounds for injuries & burns First Aid WellWave
 Generic relief from any pain (free)
 PainKill Free WellWave
Generic pain relief app
 Generic relief from any pain (full)
 WellWave PainKill
Generic pain relief app
 Relief from the acne soreness
 Acne Zapper WellWave
Acne relief app
 Relief from the flu symptoms
 Cold & Flu Relief
Flu relief app
 Reduces the pain of headache
 WellWave Headache
Head pain relief app
 Relief for backache
 WellWave Backache
Back pain relief app
 Contrast the pain caused by Arthritis
 WellWave Arthritis
Relief from pain of arthritis
 Relief from pain of toothache
 WellWave TootHache
App for relief from tooth pain
 Reduces the pain from CTS desease WellWave Carpal Tunnel
App for CTS pain relief
 Relief from allergy symptoms WellWave Allergy
An app that ghive relief in case of allergy