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Beneficilal frequecies for Pain Relief

Frequencies are in use in modern devices and was in use in ancient healing method form pain. The app Alchemy activate the android devices for pain relief.

Frequencies means beat/second, is an unit measure of signal from different sources.
Alchemy apps uses frequencies in different way from other devices and apps, with a similar result for the relief of pain.

Tibetan bells, healing sound, prayer chanting, healing music, vibrate in certain tones(=frequencies) for health and pain relief.
This ancient methods are now still in use, they affect the brain waves ad the body, "tuning" it to the right frequencies for the relief of pain.

Magnetic Therapy and TENS are modern devices for pain relief , they transmit frequencies in different ways. This equipment send electric frequencies, or magnetic vibrations. The treatments are done by special electrodes or magnetic pads. Some of the frequencies of this Tens and magnetic devices, work for the relief of pain.
The Alchemy apps send beneficial frequencies with no pads or electrodes.

The use of frequencies is different in each method and device,  but they have sometimes common ones.
According to independent studies, certain frequencies "tune" inside the body cells, and other frequencies disturb  the pathogen (that creates inflammation pain ).

The Alchemist app for pain relief, adapt the use of frequencies inside the android devices .
Whit this apps, specific beneficial frequencies and a special wave form, are programmed for android devices for pain relief effect.