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Apps for Pain Relief

The apps of Alchemy releases the pain from many diseases. they are not bineural or about  to record and track the pain.
They send audio signals for pain relief.

Many health apps are a kind of diary where people can track their health problem, so can be easy to adjust the medical cure . The Alchemy apps are different, they give to the android device the power of reduce the suffering form pain, directly.
They not store the personal data about the pain, but produced beneficial frequency for reducing the pain.
They work trough the speaker of the android device. this apps does not need headphones.

Others apps, like Bineural ones uses also sounds for reducing the pain. They differ from Alchemy apps because uses different frequencies . Some bineural apps has some functions for the relief of pain; they induces relief trough metal-brain frequencies.
Alchemy apps has different method for pain relief, it send signal to stop the inflammation cells pain.