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Fee schedule

********************* Basic Service Program , Applied to all patients *************************

                                                                                price                   CPT-code                   ICD-9 


New Evaluation:                                $169            99203/99213

                                                        $119            99202

Office Visit Follow-up Evaluation: $119             99212

E-mail/Fax Follow-up Evaluation:  $30             

Acupuncture:                                          $100~120/unit    97810,97813

                                                                   $75~85/unit        97811,97814

Other Manual Healing Therapy:         $55~75/unit       97010,97140, 97035,97110,97026



      Prescription only:      $30 (add on top of office visit fee)

Broth/Tea:                   $10--$20 /Bag

Powder:                       $10--$20 /Day

Capsule:                      $65/100caps

Pills:                            $5/Day

Note: Herbs are not covered by Insurance. Patients are responsible for all herb fee charges.

***************Discount Service Program, Not Applied to patients w/insurance ******************

Cash patients:     Initial/New evaluation w/  acupuncture             $150/session

                             Follow up  w  /acupuncture                           $100/session

                             Manual Healing Therapy:                              $90/1 hour. after 1 hour, add $20 every 15 minutes.

                             New Evaluation Only                                   $70/35minute

                             Follow up Evaluation Only:                          $20/10minute

Pre-pay Acupuncture Package:  (Cash/Check only)

$950 for  10 acupuncture visits, and  with 1 free session after 10th visits.(Not include Manual Therapy)

$1800 for 20 acupuncture visits, with 2 free session after 20th visits.(Not include Manual Therapy)

$850 for 10 one hour Manual Therapy with 1 free session after the 10th visit.

If request refund for un-used sessions, each of the used visit will be calculated as un-discunted price.

* Price is subject to change without notice *