Surf the Web Smarter

NASA Printing Conference : : July 2006 : : Paige Lucas-Stannard


Types of Search Engines

Google 101

Beyond Google

Finding Government Information

Finding News

Why Surf the Web Smarter?

We are all forced to become web surfers by necessity. If it seems to be working why learn to surf smarter?

Save time

Learning tricks to better web surfing can make finding information faster and easier

Increase efficacy

Ineffective web searching can lead to "satisficing," or choosing the easiest resource to find instead of the best resource you can find

What is Smart Surfing? 

Today, any 3rd grader can search google and get 3 million hits on a topic.  More seems better, right?  How many of you have ever went beyond the first 2-5 pages of a google search?  In searching, LESS IS BETTER.

We are aiming for a manageable amount of hits.  There are three ways of doing this;

  • narrow your search terms - instead of cats search Abyssinian-Persian cats
  • know the tricks of the search engine you are using
  • use a specialized search engine