Our Home!
Our First Home- Before, During  & After Renovations!

Jeff owned his own house for about 2 years before we ever met and I am finally moving on in!

The house is in the process of being completely renovated so things will look quite a bit different from now to the end result. I will be putting up Before During and After pics to show off our progress!

I'm so excited to finally have moved in and get this started.


The Exterior

The house is on 2.5 acres surrounded by corn and bean fields.


The corn crib and the Pole Barn where Jeff does all his side work.

The Chicken coop (we don't have chickens) and the dogs house.

(The back -main- entrance to the house.)

(The View from our Porch)

(The Sunset from our Porch)




First Floor

Entry Way


To the Left of this room is the Laundry Room.

(Please ignore the mess as we just got home from our HM the day before.)



Yes in order to get to the toilet you have to shut the door.

The entire bathroom and Laundry Room are switching places! The bathroom will be much bigger and the Laundry Room smaller.


If you go into the right when you enter the house you will instantly come upon the kitchen.

(Again ignore the mess as we just got home from our HM.)

The wall to the left is coming out and will be replaced with a half wall of cabinets with hanging glass storage. The wall to the right with the cabinets will be taken back so that it isn't as wide.

The wall paper is coming out, the floor is being replaced, new counter tops will be installed and we will be re-painting.


View from the other side.

The wall to the left from this view may also be taken back a bit.


Here is the view now that the wall is out and the floor is partially up and there is no ugly wallpaper.


From here you would walk into what I refer to as the Fireplace Room, which is being completely gutted! YAY!

This is the view straight ahead.

View to the left

This is the view to the right.

(This was taken from the other side of the room.)

The room to the right of the stairs is the downstairs bed room.

The room to the left is the living room.



This fireplace room is a complete disaster right now! The ceiling has been knocked out as has the wall between this room and the kitchen! The ceiling was sagging and bowing in the middle. The carpet has also been ripped up. Under the carpet we have found plywood and not 1 but 2 hardwood floors stacked on top of eachother. The drywall has also been ripped out on the wall with all the doorways. We discovered we can raise all of the openings higher (Which is great since you can barely get a queen size bed up the stairs. We had to smoosh our tempurpedic mattress.) They will be raised at least 6-8 inches.


We bought carsiding and are staining it the same color as the trip to put on the ceiling which will now be vaulted. 


Here is the missing ceiling.

The bracing will be taken out once the header is put in.

These are all of the boards Jeff's  Mom and I stained. All 64 of them to go on the ceiling.


Here is the missing wall!

Again the 2X 6 boards will be taken out after the header is in.

Oh yeah behind he drywall on this side of the wall we found several layers.

Board with wall paper on it, Plaster, then these huge solid cedar boards.

The kitchen side had drywall, wood paneling, more drywall and then the exterior of the original house. (Nice wall paper and color huh?!



The downstairs bedroom/office/will be my craft area

In here the carpet and curtains are being replaced and the walls will be painted. We will also be putting more furniture in here.


Living Room

In this room we have removed the curtains and carpet. Under the carpet we found gorgeous hardwood floors that we will refinish!!! The entry way is being raised so it is a higher opening. Oh and for some reason the last people who did work left open space in the framing of the door we we will actually make it wider as well.

We will re-paint the same color on the walls after the rest of demo/construction is done.


Here is our progress so far.



At the top of the stairs you run straight into a door for a small closet. To the right is the spare bedroom.

This room is being left as is for now. We will re-carpet and paint at a later time.  

Yes it is a huge mess! It is our storage area during construction/my moving in.


Our Bedroom- I refuse to even call it a master bedroom since there is no bathroom.

(Check out that I love Bubba Pillow hanging from the light, which I plan on replacing. -The light not the pillow!)

This room is staying as is. We just bought the furniture from IKEA back in March.