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Downloadable Ebooks and Audiobooks

**  Sorry!  Page under construction!!  **

Using OverDrive with Sora

OverDrive now has Sora, an app and website just for K-12 students and families. 
Sora has many features, plus a easier-reading font, that are designed just for students! 

You may also continue to use the 'classic' OverDrive app (instructions here).

Please email Anna with questions, or with suggestions on how to make these instructions easier to follow.

If you don't know your Paideia Library ID number and password, please email Anna at library@paideiaschool.org

You can discover ebooks & audiobook on the Sora app, or on a web browser at http://soraapp.com

* If you already use OverDrive ebooks through your public library (with the Libby or OverDrive apps), you can add the MISBO Digital Library to Sora and download materials from both libraries into the same "bookshelf".  Sora will only include materials tagged "juvenile" or "young adult," so continue to use Libby or OverDrive for "grownup" books and ebooks.   If you use the Libby app with the public library, you will need to download and use the main OverDrive app, since Libby doesn't work with the school service.  OverDrive "classic" is the one in the middle -- it works with public libraries and our MISBO School Collection.

You will need to select Paideia School from list list of MISBO consortium partners at the beginning of every session.

The most common way to check out and download digital media from OverDrive is with

  1.  your Paideia Library ID number and password,
  2.  and the Sora app, or a Kindle device from Amazon.com  *
    (if you use a Kindle, you will go from OverDrive to your Amazon.com account to download the book)
Below are detailed instructions, and email Anna if you need additional help.


Find the app you need and getting started instructions:  "Getting Started with the OverDrive App" -- 

You will find detailed instructions at the OverDrive page "Using Your Digital Library"


Get Set Up

1.    Get your Paideia library account number and password if you don’t already know them.  Contact Anna or Natalie for the necessary information.

2.     Download the Sora app for your device.  Links and instructions are at "Getting Started with the OverDrive App

3.    School collection specific instructions and answers to questions you might have are at "Using Your Digital Library"

* If you get a "Device Deauthorized" message on an iOS device, follow instructions on this page.  Be sure to choose the "Under 13 or Through Your School" option. *

4. Add Paideia School to the libraries in the app.  Search for "Paideia," and then tap MISBO (we are members of this Southeastern Schools consortium).
    When you choose MISBO, you'll have to select Paideia School each time from among the members list, and sign in with your Paideia Library ID number and password. 

How to Return a Book

Automatic Returns - In your OverDrive app, days remaining for each book are noted under the book title.  At the end of the loan period, the loan automatically expires and you will no longer be able to read the book. Poof!   No overdue books!  No worries!  The file will remain in your Bookshelf marked "Expired."  Tap an expired book for the option to delete it from the Bookshelf.

Early Returns - To return a book before the end of the loan period (so another reader can borrow it): in your Bookshelf,  tap and hold the book’s image and title.   Then tap the “Return” button and confirm the return.  This will both return the item and delete it from your library listing.