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As of mid-2016, we have most of our previous reunions and many of our activities uploaded, although several links are pretty thin on images.  These are all the images that we could find to date - and any others will have to come from you.  We're always looking for more images - high school events, activities or scenes; prom pics, other reunion images, etc.  If you have any images that you are willing to share, or if you have any ideas for other image catagories, please contact us.  (You may download any of the images - instructions are at the bottom of the page.)
Our Reunions.
A bit of Reunion History.  No one is quite sure about the 15th Reunion in 1979.  We know that there was one because folks claim to remember being there, but don't recall where "there" was - and so far no photos have turned up.  Unfortunately, there was no 30th Reunion in 1994 as we were between Reunion Committees and the 30th slipped past us.  There was also a combined all-class PAHS & St. Mary's HS (which closed in 1981) event in November 2000, although not sponsored by our class.  It was held at the Pines Manor and we have a few photos, but not enough to make for a link.  If you have any photos from any of our events, please contact us.
The 50th Reunion was a very well documented event and in order to do it justice, we had to resort to links that covered each day of the long weekend:



     Friday PM


    Saturday PM - Dinner Dance


The Hallowed Halls.  Over the years, too many of our classmates have passed away - 38 that we know of - and I think it's important that we honor their memories.  I hope you'll watch this next link and reflect for a few minutes as we remember our friends.
        This is a 6 minute video (in WMV format), and you'll need your speakers.  This may take a moment to load, please be patient.
       "In Memoriam"
Class Activities.
We have some of our other activities as well, and are always looking to add more pics of PAHS school day scenes.  See if you can remember any of these:
        Summer Sports
Greg Bender sent us some newspaper clippings of summer sports programs that many of the guys participated in.  Most of the clippings seem to prominently feature Greg, but they bring back a lot of memories.
         Senior Prom Preparation

Note:   September 2008.  Prom pics!  Want to be immortalized in your Prom outfit?  Send us your Prom pics (the formal studio shot or any snapshots)  . . .

         Senior Prom Pics . . . Troy Donahue & Sandra Dee attend our Senior Prom   

April, 2010.  OK, this website has been up for quite a while and our request for prom pics (italics above) has gone unrequited . . . more or less.  Ahhh! but we do have "unofficial" prom pics of about 30 couples that are too good not to use.  Still, we've been worried about personal issues and have been reluctant to upload the pics - until now.  But at this point, 46 years have gone by, and let's face it, the only thing anyone is interested in seeing is what the girls were wearing on the - what was it  ??? grass carpet.  No one cares about the guys - white dinner jackets & black slacks.  And so, in a tongue-in-cheek effort to get around privacy issues, we have graciously accepted Troy Donahue & Sandra Dee's offer to stand in for all of us at the Senior Prom.  Yes, I know, I made no effort to make this realistic in any way - and I have also resisted the urge to caption the pics - but I had fun.  I hope you do, too.  And if you recognize yourself and truly hate the concept - let me know and I'll pull the offending photo - maybe.

On the other hand, if you would like to be revealed in all your glory - let me know that as well and the real pic will be inserted.

Senior Skits & Comedy 
        Cavalcade of Music 1964
           This is a short (90 seconds)  video (in WMV format) and you'll need your speakers - and make sure they're turned up before you start.  Takes a moment to load.
        Graduation, June, 1964 
Perth Amboy City & Early Class History

Perth Amboy - Polk City Directory for 1964. 
If you participate on our PAHS Facebook Group (Perth Amboy High School - 1964), you know that any number of folks ask about some place in Perth Amboy, usually a restaurant or gathering place, and then find that no one remembers the actual name or the location.  So after a particularly frustrating chain of "No, that's not it" exchanges, I decided to track down a copy of the City Directory for 1964.  I finally found one, and scanned the index.  It is now available at the link below.  It's a 28 MB PDF file that you can view on your screen (it'll take a while to download) or you can just download it to your hard drive for easier look-ups.  Lots of fun facts and details.  By the way, soda fountains and the like are on page 12 of the PDF (Confectionery's) and restaurants are on page 31.

   Perth Amboy - 1964 City Directory

Perth Amboy Yesterday.  On Memorial Day 2009, I received a mysterious "Historical Perth Amboy" PowerPoint Presentation via email that had been forwarded 7 times to some 50 other folks before me.  I know some of the folks who bounced it around, but not the origin.  Since then, I haven’t been able to track down the source, or verify the status, etc.  Consequently, I don’t know if I have permission to use this.  But rather than let an opportunity go to waste, and since we certainly are not doing this for profit or gain, I going to use it as is and worry about objections later.  But should I get any complaints, I’m going to pull this link down instantly and without objection.  Unfortunately, whoever put this presentation together was not a skilled worker and I’ve extracted the images in their original size and form.  Some images leave a lot to be desired . . . but they're better than nothing.  If anyone knows what we’re looking at, please contact me at our website email address.  And in the near future, we'll have a link to our own set of Perth Amboy scenes from the 50s and 60s courtesy of our own resident photographer and class historian. 
Postcards from Perth Amboy.  Jeez, why didn't I think of this sooner!  Every month there are dozens of Perth Amboy related items up for auction on various online auction sites.  I simply snagged the images.  The images are largely self-explanatory and none are captioned (although I've added some notes to several images).  The images are essentially unprocessed and some will be too large for your screen - you'll have to scroll - but I didn't want to lose detail.  A fascinating record readily available and fun to watch for.
Perth Amboy - The Way We Were; the 1950s and 1960s.   We've uploaded some additional slides of local scenes from the 1950s and 60s from Marilyn's P.A. photo archives.  A remarkable collection and a lot of fun. 
      The Way We Were  
School Days.   These are a collection of miscellaneous photos, mostly of our class from our elementary school days.  Most of these pics were loaned to us for scanning by a long list of contributors.  The link-name is from an earlier period of this website, but most pics are from Grammar School and the elementary schools that were associated with it.  I'll redo the title as soon as I get some Shull School pics . . . jeez, didn't our Shull School parents take pics?  Come on you Squiffer backers - dig 'em up. 
Perth Amboy today.  Back around Thanksgiving 2008, intrepid photographer and fellow alum Greg Bender did a short driving tour of the old home town and documented some of the landmarks.  You are invited to drive along with Greg and revisit "Our Town."
      Perth Amboy Today 

1963 Halls of Ivy.  Thanks to the Amazing Marilyn, we were able to obtain a copy of the 1963 yearbook - when we were Juniors, remember?  These are only those pics from the Underclass section of  the Class of 1963's yearbook which have mostly Class of 64 alum in them.  There aren't that many pics of us, but then, the '63 seniors probably had more pressing things on their minds than worrying about building the proper historical foundations for the glorious class to follow.  Still, it makes for an interesting bit of sociology with portents of things to come.

   1963 Halls of Ivy - Underclass

Available on CD:  1964 Yearbook - "Halls of Ivy"  (PDF format).   This is a high resolution scan of the entire yearbook, suitable for on-screen use and/or printing.  Unfortunately, our yearbook was printed using an oversized 9x12 format and was about 180 pages long.  The yearbook scanned nicely but turned out to be almost 70 MB which is much too large to upload to the website.  So, I've scanned it as a PDF and we've put it on CD along with a few other goodies.  The yearbook PDF can be viewed with Adobe Reader, or if you wish, you can take the CD to your favorite printer and have it printed.  It's designed to fit nicely on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.  And if your printer knows what they're doing, they'll print to the outside of each page so it can be spiral-bound.  Please let me know if you'd like a copy of the CD.  Only available to 1964 alums (and Russell).
In the meanwhile, I've also made a low resolution version for quick on-screen use - use the link below.  The pics OK, but the text is near the limit of human eye-sight.
Yearbook viewing notes: This PDF is still 6.5 MB and will take a moment or two or three to load, depending upon your connection.  You'll need an Adobe Reader to view it, but chances are that it will either open properly, or the PDF will guide you to download the free reader.  The PDF is designed using a 2-up view, so you'll see the yearbook shown 2-pages at a time - just like looking at an open yearbook.  Trust me, I could NOT make it 1-page at a time and bigger.  If you are familiar with Adobe reader, use the single-page view and "Fit page" for the size, but you're welcome to play around - and you may want to have the "Pages" tab open (far left panel) to navigate although the view is better with as much screen available as possible.  If you're unfamiliar with PDFs or the Adobe Reader, feel free to contact me and I'll walk you through it.  The CD will include a couple of tutorials.  Remember, this version is for purely for on-screen use.  You can print it, but the results will be awful.  Consider this link as just a preview.  Get the CD.

The Periscope.  This was the last issue of our school newspaper "The Periscope" that we read as seniors.  It was published on Wednesday, June 24, 1964.  Simply because of the awkwardness of dealing with a 4-page 11 x17 newspaper, I converted the scans to a PDF format.  If you play around with your Adobe Reader settings you should be able to read it quite easily.  Thanks go to Martha Staniszewski who had the foresight way back then to snag a copy and then to hold onto it for all these years.  It would be nice to have some more issues.  Please contact us if you have any copies.
Kites.  In March, 1964, The PAHS Creative Writing Club published the 1st issue of  "Kites"  (Christine Yuhas, Editor)  which was dedicated "to all those who dare to write . . ."  Kites was a compendium of poems and essays by numerous classmate contributors.  It is still interesting reading these decades later, especially if you know the authors.  Some entries are as humorous as ever, and some are more poignant now than some of the authors could ever have imaged then.
The Broadcaster. For those of us who went to Shull School, I've uploaded my copy of  "The Broadcaster" - the 1960 Shull School Yearbook.  The 16MB PDF is available for viewing and can be downloaded if you'd like.  (Now don't you wish you signed my Yearbook?  Or if you did, then not over your face.  Tsk, tsk)
The Echo.  And for those of you who went Grammar School, Marilyn's copy of "The Echo" - the 1960 Grammar School Yearbook is available for viewing and download as well.  It's a 48 MB PDF so it may take a while to download.  In addition, we've uploaded quite a few Grammar School home room and graduation scenes, and also a few pics from the other elementary schools.  See if you can find yourself . . .  
Technical notes:
1.  Viewing.  At present, these pics are best viewed at 1024 x 768 - preferably 1280 x 1024 - else you may have to scroll to see the captions - and most pics have captions.  Please let me know if you are having difficulty seeing entire pics with captions. 
2.  Saving an image.  On a PC, most of the individual images can be downloaded by right-clicking on the image, and then either "Copy" and paste to one of your folders, or "Save Picture As" to a folder.  I'm not sure how to do this on a Mac, but I think the procedure is similar. Anything in PDF format can be downloaded and saved in its entirety when you are viewing the PDF.  But, if you want to download a complete slide show (the entire contents of a link), then it would be easier to contact me (our PAHS email) and I'll send you the link or download folder.  Better yet - ask for the 45th Reunion CD - everything is already on it.
3.  Most of our website images are fairly low resolution and not suitable for printing, but high resolution images are available by request.



Many of the links on this page would not have been possible without the remarkable dedication of our classmate, Marilyn Dudash Anastasio and her dad, Stephen M. Dudash.  For almost 50 years, Marilyn and her dad have photographed our class through our years at PAHS and then Marilyn, our Reunions.   This page would not have been possible without her efforts, and despite her protests to the contrary, we are all in her debt.



When this website first went up, several folks asked “who is the narrator.”  I admit that at first I was trying to be mostly neutral and 3rd person subjective, but found that I couldn’t maintain the facade and do what I had hoped, and so there are places where I lapse into 1st person and the voice is mine – sort of an odd tenor in real life.  This website is my sincere attempt to give back something to all those classmates who helped change and shape my life.  If there is any credit to be had here, it belongs to all of us; if there is any blame, it is mine alone.  My thanks to those of you who have contributed to this site, and to all of you for being such a memorable part of my life.   mz