Temples in Lucknow - Historical and most important temples in Lucknow City and nearby areas

Great Temples of Lucknow - Information . There are a number of temples in Lucknow.   Some of them are of historical and of ancient times. Lucknow has been  a  city of religious,spiritual and courteous people. If you visit Lucknow you will surely satisfy your spiritual need very well. The temples, ghats, Churches, Gurudwara and Radhaswami Temple, Hanuman Ji temples and a number of shrines inculcate religious feelings in our heart.

Following are the main temples of Lucknow and other religious places in Lucknow.
A noticeable fact is that some temples have been got constructed by Muslims while some Mosques have been constructed by Hindus.They all have become symbol of Unity and devotion in Lucknow City. Below is description of famous temples in Lucknow:

Shri- Balaji Temple in LucknowNewest :  Balaji Temple in Lucknow

Around 21 Kilometers away from Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station, you can view a new grand temple constructed quite similar to famous Tirupati Balaji temple in Tirumala. 

Constructed by artisans and experts called from south India, on a plot of about 27K square feet at Banthara area on Lucknow-Kanpur  road, this temple is now most valuable gift to devotees of Lord Venkateswara. It was opened on November 23, 2012.

Chandrika Devi Temple Lucknow Image
Important :

Chandrika Devi Temple -
This  300 years old temple is well known for the deity Chandrika Devi - a form of Goddess Durga. 

Located in a natural environment encircled by river Gomti at north,west and south side, it is around 28 Kms. away from the main city of Lucknow.

This place and nearby areas have relevance and religious significance since the time of the Ramayana. It is also called Mahi Sagar Teerth. 

 There is mention of this temple in Skand and Karma Puran -the holy books.   - Know More

Aliganj Hanuman Temples
. Chhachhi Kuan Hanuman Temple , Aliganj, Lucknow  -

Built by Janabe Alia – A symbol of Unity in Lucknow city
.  This temple is  very old and  the site was first   noticed by a famous saint of Ayodhya  sometime  in 1585 AD. 

An old well can also be seen near the temple which was earlier called well for strangers.  A moon –emblem of Awadh Empire  can be seen at the top of the dome of temple which is significant and shows the Hindu Muslim unity. Location - Aliganj, near the Aliganj Hanuman Temple -well connected through Kursi Road. The temple is nearest to Aliganj Housing and about 1 km. away from famous Kapoorthala crossing, Mahanagar


Aliganj Hanuman Ji Temple, Lucknow, India
2. Aliganj  Hanuman Temple
(Location : near Kapoor Thala, Aliganj)- This temple was got constructed in Lucknow by Begum Rabiya of Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah (1992-1802).  It is said that once she had a dream that there is a grand statue of Hanumanji lying near Islambari garden and that she should  dig it out and keep in a temple. After she was blessed with a child, the Nawab thereafter immediately started excavating that place. To his utter surprise  he found a    statue of Hanuman Ji there.  Nawab ordered that the statue be got established in a temple near Bara Imambara.  While the statue was being taken, the elephant carrying it, stopped and sat down at a place in Aliganj. A number of efforts to stand up the elephant became futile.  On the advice of a  saint of  the area, Begum ordered to establish the Hanuman ji at the same place.  This is how this   temple was got constructed at this place and nearby plot of land was given for the upkeep of temple. This temple is now called new Hanuman Temple of Aliganj in Lucknow. 

Famous ‘Bara Mangal’  festival of Lucknow is held in Lucknow each year in Jeystha  month (near June) and is associated mainly with this ancient temple. In addition 'bhadara' is also held.  The Lucknow Nawabs had great faith in Lord Hanuman and they always supported worship  and   the  Bara Mangal mela. A beautiful  large Kund (water pond) with stairs in the compound of the temple adds  to its antiquity. It is said that whenever a new temple in established in nearby area, 'chola' is always obtained from this temple.

Temples in Lucknow -Hanuman Temples
3. Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple near Gomti Bridge 

Situated nearest to Hazratganj, Lucknow, this temple of Lord Hanuman is one of the most revered temples in Lucknow.  Most unique thing about this temple is that many devotees write letters to Lord Hanuman describing their problems and all such letters are read before the Lord. It is said that Lord Hanuman always shower thy blessings on the devotees. 

This temple was established by Baba Neeb Karauri near the old bridge.  It is said that during the floods of 1960 the temple was swept away but the statue of Lord remained there intact.  Later on, a new temple was got constructed near the new bridge on January 26, 1967.   
Temples in Lucknow

4. Sheetla Devi Temple, Mehadiganj Mohalla, (Near Rajajipuram) Lucknow

This temple is also one of the most ancient Devi temples. It is said that the magnificent temple was destroyed by the intruders  and it was only after centuries that a  businessman  first located the idol of Devi   in the water of a nearby pond.  The temple was got reconstructed and the ancient  style of the temple is still retained. The then  Diwan of Nawab ,   Raja  Tikait Rai ,  got reconstructed the Shitla Temple and also   a very large pond  with a number of down stairs and ghats on both side,  which is at present called “Tikait Rai ka Talab’.

The temple has been a  site of  thousand years’ old  Aathon Ka Mela  of Lucknow which is held on the Holi festival each year near the temple and Pond. The main attraction of this temple is this that this is visited by newly weds during/after their marriage. More information

5. Surya Temple Situated near Daliganj bridge and adjacent to Planetarium in Lucknow, is said to be an ancient sacred water pond comprising of 5 wells.  Nawab Asafudduaula of Lucknow  rebuilt and renovated  the ghats.  It is said that the water of the Kund had medicinal value. The kund was initially made of Lakhaori bricks. 

Do not forget to have 'Durshan' of an ancient Hanuman Ji temple behind Surya Temple. You can view a tree - a strange one - three trees in one!  

More Information and Images

Nageshwar Temple
6. Nageshwar Shiv Temple - Bakshi Ka Talab, Sitapur Road, Lucknow

One of the historical temples - Bakshi Ka Talab: Nageshwar Shiv Temple  in Lucknow-
300 years old, Nageshwar Shiv Temple was got constructed by Munshi Tripur Chand Bakshi during Nawab Amajad Ali Shah. It is Situated on the north of Bakshi Ka Talab on Sitapur Road ( a road moving towards Chandrika Devi Temple, Neemsaar, Mishrikh Tirth and Sitapur

More Information and How to reach Map

7. Sangat Temple  (constructed in  Moghul period). It is situated in the open fields in  trans Gomti area on the right flank of the Pakka Bridge. (Khadra)

8. Kabir Temple : beside the stretch of narrow gauge railway line between Mausambagh and Iradatnagar. 

9 Jagannath Temple, 15 Kms. Away (Sarai Shekh)- built by Nawab Asafuddaula about two centuries ago. (Near Chinhat Masjid) 


Mankameshwar temple in Lucknow, UP, India
9. Mankameshwar  Temple, Daliganj, Lucknow    

More than  1000 years old Shiv temple near Daliganj Bridge, Mankameshwar temple is most famous temple of Lucknow.It is quite near to Shaheed Smarak and Residency Lucknow.  During Shivratri there is huge crowd and devotees  throng  from the whole city to worship Lord Shiv.  A number of Prasad Shops and Flowers shops outside the temple may be approached to buy Prasad and Flowers,etc. 

There is  a Shani Temple also in temple premises.

How to reach :  A new wide road connecting Daliganj to Lucknow University Road  parallel on the bank of river Gomti,  is most useful to reach at this Historical Temple.  If you are coming from Lucknow University (Opposite Hanuman Temple Side), take a left hand turn and after few minutes drive, you may take a right hand turn  slope road (Opposite Zenith Hospital) connecting to the Temple.  If you are from Daliganj, Roomi Darwaja etc. just after 2 munites you will see the same left hand turn slope road connecting the temple. If there is no rush, there should not be  problem of parking.  

Mankameshwar temple, lucknow view in night

10.   Bhooth Nath Temple, Indira Nagar, Lucknow - This is also one of the old temples in Lucknow. It is situated on main Faizabad Road and around 5 Kms. away from Lucknow main Hazratganj. The temple is surrounded by many shops.  The whole area has developed as 'Bhooth Nath Market' in Lucknow. Main temple is of Lord Hanuman Ji.   You can also view beautiful statue of Lord Shiva and Parvati on Nandi in addition to many others. Nearby Bhooth Nath Market is now emerging as most important and busy market in trans-Gomti area of Lucknow.


Jain Temple, Indira Nagar, Lucknow
11Jain Temple Indira, Nagar,Lucknow - Near Amrapali market in Indira Nagar, Lucknow

There are several other Jain temples in Lucknow. Some prominent among them are the Lord Shantinath and Lord Padma Prabhu temples in Chrivali Gali locality, the Lord Parshwanath Temple in Sondhitola, Lord Sambhawanath Temple in Phulwali Gali (Chowk) five temples in Dadabari premises at Thakurganj and a Jain Temple in Daliganj.

List of Jain Temples in Lucknow-
Ten Jain Temples in Lucknow - complete information

Lucknow Temples
12.Koneshwar Temple in Lucknow, This temple is quite near the Chowk of Lucknow. It s also said to be ancient temple. Situated on main road, Koneshwar Temple is one of the most visited temples in Lucknow.

Lucknow Travel Guide

Shiv Temple, Mohanlalganj, Lucknow
13.. Shiv Mandir in Mohanlal Ganj, Lucknow - around 20 kms. from Lucknow-

Also known as Kashishwar Mahadev Temple, this grand Shiv Temple was built by Shri Kashi Persad, Talluqedar, Sassendi in 1860. Later on, it was given a new look by Rani Subhadra Kunvar in 1926 as is evident from the stone fixed on the gate of the temple. Situated at around 19 kms. away from Lucknow, Mohanlalganj is a block of Lucknow. Mohanlalganj is named on the name of Raja Mohan Lal, who was son-in-law of Raja Jeevan Lal. This temple has historical value and is the witness of Hindu traditional Vastu [construction] art. You can view below a 'How to reach Mohanlalganj' map to know the location of temple.

This most beautiful looking temple has eight number of Shivalas (Small temples around the Main). The main temple is in Centre. Top of the temple is decorated with eleven rudras. You can see attractive art work on the inner as well as outer walls of the temple. There is also big brass 'Ghanta' on the entrance of the temple.

Temple can be better maintained if provided with little care. A number of shops have cropped up in the vicinity. This more than a century old temple, is one of the precious heritage buildings of the Lucknow. During Shiv Ratri festival, devotees from far off places throng to this temple to offer prayers.  More information, Images

14. Kalyan Giri Temples, Near Chowk, Kakori Road, Lucknow-  On the western side of Lucknow, a number of temples can be seen near Chiowk, Lucknow, on the road leading to Hardoi. These are Shiv temples called Kalyan Giri temples.  Around two Hundred years back Baba Kalyan Giri, who  came to Lucknow in the  regime of Nawab  Asafuddaula,  laid the foundation of the main temple.  It is said that the then Nawab got constructed the temple through his officer, Raja Bhawani.   On the   eve of first Monday of  Sawan, a fair is organised each year. A number of devotees visit these temples on Maha Shiv Ratri each year  from the city as well as nearby areas. Vishambhar Mahadev Temple are oldest one and Samadhi (sanctuary or tomb of a saint ) of Baba Kalyangiri is also here.  A Shani Dev temple is also here:

Shani Dev temple in Kalyan Giri Temple complex.  Probably the biggest one, Shani Dev Temple in Kalyan Giri Temple premises is thronged by devotees on each Saturday to offer prayers and pooja.  

15. Bari Kali Mandir, Chowk Lucknow  -   One of the ancient temple in Lucknow, Kali mandi in Chowk, Lucknow is said  to be got constructed by Aadi Shankaracharya around 2000 years ago. It is also claimed to be

the only temple in India where God Vishnu Ji and Kali Ji statues are placed together. During Navratri  a large number of devotees throng to the temple and offer Puja. This temple is of Lakshmi and Narayan. This is probably the most important temple of Lucknow. The main temple is surrounded by many other temples.

How to reach :  After reaching Chowk, you can reach temple - go the street behind Khun Khun Ji Ki Kothi. If you are coming from Rumi Darwaja side, take a road just opposite to Clock  Tower..  This road connects to a road. Take a right hand turn. After few meters, you can see a road to left hand turn.  After around 100 meters walk you can reach temple.  There is enough parking space for your car/motorcycle.  During Navratra, you can also see a fair (mela). During Navratra there is rush of devotees. It is said that  prayers offered during Navratra are always fulfilled.    

16. Hari Om Temple in Lalbagh, Lucknow - Initially set up in a rented building in 1954, this temple came was established in 1974 at Quitan Road, Lalbagh, Lucknow by the  world renowned spiritual leader Dada Jashan P. Vaswani.Some other temples have also been constructed within the premises of Mandir, viz. (1) Jhule Lal Temple (2) Shivalaya (3) Sankat Mochan (Lord Hanuman) Mandir (4) Mata Kalka Mandir  Contact: mailto:info@hariomandirlko.org
temples in lucknow

18. More ancient Temples in Chowk, Lucknow
Shri Kale Ram Temple   near  King's Unani Hospital Entrance ;  Small Shiva Temple   ; Ancient Sambhavnathji Jain Temple     ; Nepali Temple   ; Baba Vishwanath Dham and Temple   ;  Krishna Temple

Budheshwar Temple, Lucknow
- On Mohan Road, a road goes to Mohan from Chowk, Lucknow- This temple is age-old temple.  It is said that Lakshmana established this temple while he was going to leave Ma Janki  in forests. As he was feeling disturb, he establish Shivlinga  and worshiped.After worship he became peaceful. It was Wednesday.  The temple have been established by Raja Bakshi during Nawab's time.  There is also a  legend   that Ram Sita and Laxman while going for Banwas, worshiped Lord Shiva at this place on the Day of Wednesday.  (बुद्धवार ) hence it is called Budheswar Mahadev Temple. You may also visit this temple through Ring Road of Lucknow.(From Kanpur Road). 
Main Pooja is done on Wednesday.  During noon (12.00 ) and evening 7.30 pm. Aarti is done so you may have to wait. 

20. Sandohan Devi Temple - Chaupatiya Crossing, Lucknow

21. Ma Purvi Devi Temple  - This temle is situated in Thakur Ganj area of Lucknow near Tehseenganj crossing. If you proceed to Thakurganj from Chowk on Hardoi Road, this temple is on east side of he road.  It is said that few hundred years ago this place was outside the main city.
There is an old Neem Tree in the temple premises. A legend - that if a round is taken  of this tree, his dreams are fulfilled.   You can see Hanuman Ji  temple along with Mahakaleshwar Temple in the premises.

22. Buddha Temples:

Most important temples are on Gautam Buddha Marg and at Rishaldar Park.  An important pilgrimage for Buddhists is located at Lucknow outskirts. Around 109 Kms. away from Ayodhya ( near Faizabad), it is said that the kingh of Kaushla, Sravasta established his capital here and hence the name Sravasti. Lord Buddha spent 25 rainy seasons here preaching his gospels and displayed his Divine powers by converting a dacoit called Angulimal to Buddhism. Stay at Tourist Bungalow, Balrampur, Sravasti.

23. Kali Bari Temple - a historical temple -more than 150 year old temple in Lucknow -It is said that except the days of fast, fish, bhindi, karela and ghobhi cooked in oil are offered to Maa Kali Ji and thus prayers of the devotees are always fulfilled. A unique thing is that the idol of Maa Kali Ji in this temple is made of clay.

Location :  Ghasiyari Mandi, Lucknow- The present temple structure was built in the year 1904-05 by donation from the Maharani of Darbhanga. It is said that the construction of the temple was completed by Shri Shaligram, a local contractor.

24Chhoti Kali Ji Temple in Chowk - It is said that around 300 years back a devotee constructed a raised platform in chowk and established  Kali Ji that was found lying in a well.  Thereafter a grand temple was got constructed by any unknown devotee. It is said that the laung and kapoor used in Aarti of Maa Kali Ji has power to remove eye problems of devotees. Aarti of Ma Kali Ji is done through a special set of 42 Batties. The gate of the temple is of a shape of Lions face. In this temple, Maa Kali Ji is established on a 8 petal lotus. Lotus is said to be a harbinger of happiness and peace. The ararchitectural excellence of the temple is worth seeing.

How to reachAfter reaching chowk crossing, proceed towards churi vali gali (street) located in the back of Khun Khun Ji ki Kothi. This narrow lane goes to the temple.
25. Mansa Devi Temple -  Around 200 years old, this temples is  situated in Chaupatia near chowk. It is said that this is also one of the important temple as  in Chandigarh and Haridwar. Devotees come to the temple from all over the country for Darshan.  How to reach: After walking through  'Mali ki Sarai Road' in Lucknow, devotees can reach to Kakkar Park. This temple is just behind the park.

  Shri Ram Janki Temple in Lucknow ( Near Tikait Rai Talab, Mehandi Ganj, Lucknow). Can be visited while you go for darshan of Ma Sheetla Devi in Mehandi Ganj, Lucknow.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple Lucknow
27. Panchamukhi Temple on the bank of Gomti River (near New Hyderabad)

28. Shyam Temple adjacent to Panchamukhi Temple

28 Shri Radha Krish Pranami Temple
This temple is situated in Chinhat area (Faizabad Road) of Lucknow at Matiyari Village (Kanchanpur).  Established around 400 years back by Shri Paramhans Ji Maharaj of Gangapur (Bihar).   Image of Radha Krishna is worshipped in this temple. Childhood of Shri Krishna is worth seeing here.

More Temples in Lucknow  :

a. Balaji Temple - Talkatora Road, Lucknow
b. Hanuman Temple: Aminabad, Lucknow

c. Sleeping Hanuman Ji Temple near Iron Bridge ( near Lakshman Teela)
d. Kapil Nath Hanuman Temple in Cantt - Mugal times temple
e. Tulsi Manas Temple, Krishna Nagar, Lucknow
f.  Hanuman Temple, Hazratganj, Lucknow
h. Mauni Baba Temple, Alambagh, Lucknow
j. Gulachin Temple
k. Panchmukhi Temple near Birbal Sahni Marg
l. Hanuman Temple in Chowk
m.. Chhuare vale Hanuman Temple, Ashiyana, Lucknow
n. Hanuman Temple, Barabirva, Kanpur Road, Lucknow
o. Hanuman Temple, Gosaiganj, Lucknow
p. Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, Nishatganj,
q. Nageshwar Temple in Rakabganj,
r. Mangaleshwar Temple in Subhash Marg,
s.  Siddhanath Mauni Baba Temple,
t. Indreshwar Temple, Tulsi
u. Manas Temple,
v. Gulacheen Temple,
w. Dakshnirmukhi  Hanuman temple in main Hazratganj Lucknow
x. Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple,
y. Dakshineshar Hanuman Temple in Udaiganj.
z. Shri Khatu Shyam Temple,  New Hyderabad, Lucknow
zi. Batuk Bhairav Devalay in Golaganj, Lucknow:The best way to reach Batuk Bhairav temple is through Kaiserbagh bus stand. Temple opens for devotees at 8.00 am in morning.


Shiv Temples in Lucknow
1.Shri Dwarikeshwar Mahadev Temple in Ahimamau Village, Sultanpur Road. Established in 1937
2 Shri Reteshwar Mahadev Temple and Shri Jhareshwar Temple in Banthara Village Harauni at the bank of Sayee river
3 Shri Bharaveshwar Temple at Nogohan (Unnao Lucknow Raibareli boundary)  at the bank of Sayee river
4.Mukteshar Mahadev Temple : On Sitapur Road, after  about 4/5 Kms. of Bakshi Ka Talab,  you may see a historical Maha Mukteshar  Mahadev Temple.  It is situated in Devari Rukhara Village in 25 bigha area.  This temple is very old and on Shiv Ratri, a Mela is held every year where thousand of nearby people visit to worship.  The priest in this temple Shri Bhairav Puri stated that the temple is more than 1000 years old and  there are four more temples of the same era in nearby areas.   
5 Nigodena Temple, Ratneshawar Mahadev Temple and Mahona temples in Itaunza of BKT
6. Shiv Temple in Kakori near the bank of Behata river. It is old temple of Nawabs area and made of lakhauri bricks. The temple is historical and declared -protected. It is said that this Shiv temple was constructed by Raja Tikait Rai, minister of Nawab during the regime of Nawab Asaf-uddaula  1786-88.  In addition a bridge on Behata river was also constructed..

28.  More  religious places in Near Lucknow

A  unique Frog Temple - an exclusive Shiv Temple  that is worth seeing, is situated  at Oel town, about 12 kms from Lakhimpur on the road from Lakhimpur to Sitapur and about 120 km. from Lucknow. Constructed  by the former king of Oel State around 200 years back,  possibly between the years  1860 and 1870 AD, this is the only temple based on Manduk tantra. This is a Shiv Temple and resembles a frog shape. It is said that the Shiva Linga in the temple changes colour and  was brought from the Banasur Prati Narmdeshwar Narmada Kund. The effect of Tantra Vidya can be seen on architecture of the temple. You may also view a standing Nandi image which is not available elsewhere in the world.  It is construction is based on Rajasthani Architecture and Frog Tantra. Its a Tantra Temple as images carved on the outside wall of the temple, showing people doing "Sadhna" .  It is said that the temple was either made by the then kings for better of use of money got in various wars or it was constructed on the advice of Tantriks. You may see 4 Gumbadas on 4 sides of temple. A 'chhatra' that used to rotate with sun light is now not operative and needs repair. A strange well is also there where water is available at ground level.In fact this is very beautiful and unique temple worth visiting. 

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Shani  Dev Temples in Lucknow

Shani Temple
A number of Shani Temples in Lucknow attract huge number of devotees from Lucknow and nearby
Shani Temple in Karaunda Ghat, Lucknow
places particularly on Saturday.  They are in Bangla Bazar, Telibagh crossing, Chowk and in Kalyan Giri Temple
. One temple in Karaunda Ghat is famous :  more information


Shani Temple near Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, New Hyderbad, Lucknow