Kala Gaon in Lucknow- Enjoy and feel village life in Lucknow city, UP, India


Kala Gaon,  कला गाँव - Lucknow- a new Centre for Lucknow Villages Craft and live Culture- Newest in Lucknow Tourism

What is and where is Kala Gaon:

On the  Lucknow-Faizabad Main High way, near Anaura after  Matiyari  crossing, you will be surprised to see a typical Awadhi village untouched by modernity of India. The village  is  Kala Gaon in Lucknow.
Situated  along the picturesque Indira canal, the real village simple life appears to be as genuine as in contemporary Indian villages. The moment you  enter the green tree lined hamlet, a woman, clad in a colourful sari traditionally welcomes you with Tika/roli and and drum sounds make you feel the warmth of Indian hospitality. A women is seen pulling water can from a well, and the other village woman seems balancing an earthen pitcher on her head.
In fact these are not the real folks but look  more than genuine. Kala Gaon is spread in around 4 acre land - a dream worl created by a renowned  Lucknowitee   with the help extended by students from Lucknow College of Art, Lucknow.
Huts made of mud and straw, about 40  sculptures made of stone and clay look so real that you will like to view them time and again. A bullock car and beautiful decorated village and horse driven Ekka provide a glimpse of the real Avadhi village. Children enjoy and love this place.
You can enjoy here entertainment with Folk Songs, Nautanki, Birha, Bullock-Cart Ride, Tonga Ride, Pottery Show, Cock-Fighting, Kite Flying, Gilli-Danda (A Traditional Indian Game).
Contact Kalagaon over phone  for more information : +919336450334

Entry fee: Rs.350/- per head for adult and Rs.200/- for children of  age 4 to 9 years) - it includes lunch or dinner in Awadhi style.
Lunch time : 12.30 to 03.30 pm and 07.30 to 09.30 pm 
Contact  address:  Anaura, Indira Naher, Faizabad Road, Lucknow, Utter Pradesh (U.P.), India.   (Situated on Main Faizabad Road) 
Visit Time 10.30 am to 09.30 pm 

How to reach:    It is around 15 Kms. away from Lucknow Hazratganj.

A look of Kala Gaon from Faizabad Road. The Entry gate is on left down road before Canal
Kala Gaon - a village in the city, Lucknow
Kala Gaon, Lucknow
An Evening near Kala Gaon, Lucknow