Dewa Sharif in Lucknow

Tomb of Haji Waris Ali Shah in Deva, Lucknow (India) is a symbol of universal  love and brotherhood. Prayers made at the holy shrine of Syed Haji Waris Ali Shah (Dewa Sharif) in Lucknow, have always been accepted and the believer is blessed with happiness and peace. You can find here complete information, Images, Video about this most important and famous Dargah (Shrine) in Lucknow. You can also find short details of other important shrines in Lucknow.

Haji Waris Ali Shah or Sarkar Waris Pak 

a Sufi saint from Dewa, district Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, Indiam, he was  the successor to the Qadriyya -Razzakiyya Silsila. He was born sometime during the year 1809.  His parents died when he was three years old and he was brought up by his grandmother.

A number of Hindus held him in high esteem and always regarded him as a perfect Sufi. Thousands of Hindus, including Sadhus and Fakirs of different Panthas paid homage to him and  expressed respect to his order. He always said that we all are same and always asked people of other religions  to follow it with greater zeal and sincerity.

He  was  popular both with the well educated people and with the people of the old generations. People from all sections of society always visited him and sat at his feet. He was the first Sufi to have traveled Europe.  It is said that a  Spanish Noble  Count Galaraza, who was an earnest soul, hankering for truth, came all the way from Spain to visit him and had an interview with him at Dewa.
Haji Waris Ali Shah  left for his heavenly abode on 7th April, 1905  after a brief illness. He was buried at the spot where he died  and this location is marked by a  monument. The tomb of Hazi Waris Ali Shah is now a place famous for  communal amity.  The monument is  constructed on a styles of architecture  that blends the Hindu-Iranian art . The tomb, the shrines  are somewhat indicative of the Hindu style of architecture while the towers and minarets present the Persian architecture.

A famous quote by him : Love is positively monotheism and monotheism is positively love.

Opening and closing time of Shrine

Teachings :  Jo Rab haiwahi Ram hai

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About The Shrine :  

It is situated at around 39 Kms. from Lucknow. Deva is the birth place of Haji Waris Ali Shah who influenced the lives of many generations of people with his message of universal love for humanity.  

Hindus held him in high esteem and regarded him as a perfect Sufi and a follower of Vedanta.  The splendid monument was erected in his memory by some of his devoted followers, both Hindus and Muslim. It is said that Raja Udit Narain Singh of Ram Ngar donated the silver-plated spire and the most attractive covering of sliver on Shrines doors was done by  some  kings of Kashmir.  Flooring of the Shrine in white marble was done by Thakur Pancham Singh of Mainpuri.

Dewa Mela  is  one of the most popular and big gatherings in the city of Barabanki (36 kms. from Lucknow)  each year. Even though the Urs of Haji saahab is commemorated on 1st Safar every year, Dewa mela is organized  during the month of October of each year.

What is Dewa Mela:   It is held every year in the month of October to recall the teachings of Sufi Said Haji Waris Ali Shah and to inculcate feelings of communal harmony. The fair is attended by a large number of people of all religion not only from India but also from Pakistan and other countries. During the Mela, whole area   shines with the stunning decoration and lightning. Mushaira, Qavali, Poetry reading and religious debates are some of the activities where  devotees can enjoy.   Major attraction of the Fair is varieties of shops, Food shops, cattle market.Last year  banks also participated in the Fair.     

This year this famous Annual 10- day festival -Dewa Mela began on October 20, 2013.  Thousands of devotees  from all the religions, are coming to witness Mela and offer prayers at Dewa Shareef Shrine. Programmes like Mushaira, Kavi Goshti, Spiritual musical night, Manas Sammelan and a big cattle market are some of the main attractions in the Dewa Mela. Dewa Mela would be over on 29th October 2013 after a most attractive Firework show.

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Address of the Shrine:
Dargah Hazrat Haji Ali Shah Warsi
Dewa Sharif
District: Barabanki
Pincode: 225 001
UP, India
Nearest City: Lucknow
Nearest District : Barabanki
Nearest Airport :  Lucknow
Nearest Railway Station: Barabanki, Lucknow
Nearest Bus Stand - Barabanki/Lucknow
Nearest Highway:  Faizabad Road (NH28)

Note: Shrine is situated  at Dewa town of Barabanki district at a distance of around 39 km. from Lucknow City.

: VIP may reach here through Shah Vilayat Marg. -Take a left hand turn after the water canal. You will reach near the Shrine.

How to reach: The Shrine is well connected from Lucknow Airport, Lucknow Railway Station (Charbagh or Badshah Nagar) and Lucknow Bus Stations.  

Through train:  Nearest Railway Station is Barabanki Station (NER). A number of trains from Delhi and Gorakhpur, etc.  side stop here. Alternatively you may drop at Lucknow Railway Station and take a taxi for Dewa Sharif. From Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station, the Shrine is around 40 kms. away and it takes not more than 1 hour to reach.  

Through Air Lucknow Airport (Chaudhuri Charan Singh Airport (Amausi Airport) is well connected from the rest of the country and world as well. You may drop here and take a pre-paid taxi for Dewa Sharif. It is around 47 kms. from the Airport and it takes not more than 1 hour and 20 mins to reach the Shrine.   

By Road: The Shrine is nearest to main Faizabad Road hence it is well connected by road. Delhi is around 500 kms. away from Lucknow and from Lucknow it is around 35 kms. away. It is well connected through Faizabad Road, Kanpur Road, Sultanpur Road and Sitapur Road.  
If you are at Charbagh Railway Station, take an Auto Rickshaw upto Matiyari  Crossing. Here you can find another Auto/Tempo upto Deva.  From the Auto Stand at Deva, it is walking distance upto the Shrine.
Shops on both sides of road to the Tomb, offer food, breakfast, fruits, religious items, books, toys for children and a lot more.  (Auto Charge is minimum( say Rs. 15 to 25) and on shared basis). Alternatively, you may catch a bus.
Matiyari Chauraha (crossing):It is on National highway No. NH-28 - also called Faizabad Road. If you are coming from Lucknow, Road for Deva Sharif branches out to left from this crossing. You can view Tata Motors factory on this road at about 3.5 kms. from Matiyari Crossing. This road is called Deva Road.

Journey by bus:
UPSRTC Bus Stand, Charbagh Tel: 2450988, 2458096
UPSRTC Bus Stand, Alambagh (IS Bus Terminal)Tel: 2454444
UPSRTC Bus Stand, Kaiserbagh Tel: 2622503, 2455477
Nearest City: Lucknow (approx 39 kms) from the shrine

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Dargah Car Stand charges:  Rs.20/

How to Reach - See driving directions below (Map)

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Way to Holy Shrine: Deva Sharif, Lucknow


Deva Road
  Deva Sharif
  Deva Sharif Tomb
  Nearby places
  Deva Road
  Deva Road..
  Deva Sharif Market

  Deva Shrif Complex


  Deva Sharif Complex



  Market on Deva Road

 1st Gate:on Deva Road 

  1st Gate:

  Deva Sharif Gate-from Inside

  Mosque in Deva Sharif

  Gate on Road

  Bridge on Canal

 Canal : Take left turn now
Deva Shrif, Lucknow
Bridge over canal-Dewa Road

 Canal passing through Dewa
Canal in Deva
Matiyari Crossing :

Matiyari Crossing at Faizabad Road. Take left hand turn for Dewa Road

Above photo is of  Matiyari Chauraha (crossing).

Matiyari Crossing is on National highway No. NH-28 - also called Faizabad Road. If you are coming from Lucknow, Road for Deva Sharif branches out to left from this crossing. You can view Tata Motors factory on this road at about 3.5 kms. from Matiyari Crossing. This road is called Deva Road. 

Other famous Dargah and Shrines in Lucknow :

Line Baba, Lucknow
2. Khamman Peer Dargah, Lucknow

If you happen to pass by Charbagh Railway Station at Lucknow you cannot escape yourself by the sheer size and beautiful architecture of the Building. Between Platform No. 2 and 9 more more surprise is for you, a Dargah (Mazar) that has been a symbol of faith both of Hindu and Muslim and people of other religions. This is 900 year old dargah of the Khamman Peer Baba in Lucknow, whose magic draws people of all faiths. A number of people assembles here on every Thursday to offer prayers.

Dargah Shah Mina
3. Dargah Shah Mina Situated inside Medical College, Lucknow, this Dargah is historical one (1479 AD). The road facing it is also called Shah Mina road.  Every Thursday evening and particularly on Jummeraat, the Thursday following the viewing of new moon, people reach here in a large number to offer prayer.

4.  Dargah of Hazrat Abbas in Lucknow-

One of the most revered shrines in Lucknow, Dargah Hazrat Abbas came into existence during the regime of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah (1975-97). It is perhaps the  oldest shrine of the Shia Muslims in Lucknow. The shrine has a historical significance. It was got constructed by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daulah in the house of a poor man, Mirza Beg and Nawab Ghazi-ud-din Haider (1819) and subsequent Nawabs also added more and more facilities for devotees coming to the Shrine. Malka Zamani, a Begum during Nawab's period, offered free food to people coming to Shrine.During British period, it became the centre of Indian soldiers against British.

The Entrance to the Shrine, Naubat Khana is a double stories Gate. It is said that a queen of Nawab Naseer-ud-Din Haider established a kitchen for free distribution of food to the poor in the shrine.  Valuables offered to the Shrine by Nawabs and other the then prominent people of Lucknow, was taken away by English after the first war of India's Independence in 1857. 

Location : It is situated in Rustam Nagar of old Lucknow. 

A large number of People come here to offer prayers from different parts of the city, particularly during Nauchandi Jummeraat.
More  information 

Dada Miyan Ki Dargah, Lucknow

 [5]  Dada Miyan Ki Dargah Mall Avenue  - [Dargah Hazarat Khwaja Mohammed Nabi Raza Shah R.A[-  About 2 Km. away from Hazratganj, you can visit and offer prayers to the most sacred and famous Dada Miyan Ki Dargah.  It is situated in Mall Avenue locality of the city and the approach road is good, clean and easy. [Dargah Dada Miyan Road, Mall Avenue, Lucknow (U.P.), India.  More information Mobile: +91 9415078692, +91 522 2238901   
E-mail :]  

6.   Hazrat Qasim Shaheed Baba ki Dargah, Lucknow


7Hazrat saiyad safi shah  Baba Chaudah Durvesh, Lucknow

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Map: Lucknow Railway Station to Dewa Sharif:

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Dewa Sharif Main Gate

Main Gate - Deva Sharif Dargah in Lucknow- a perfect destination