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10. Logon to school network

 Click on the StudentSetProxy.Vbs icon that is on your desktop. When asked if you wish to set up for school, select Yes.

YouTube Video

 Details to authenticate with your Cenet Cloudshare Google account.

YouTube does require that you use a Google account to access YouTube. You have this already provided by the CEO with Cenet Cloudshare.

Please use your cenet username and login to Google with the following format:

Use the Cenet Cloudshare log in format: 

So for example John Smith in Year 7 

Accessing your  Cenet Cloudshare google account.

The college requires that teachers are able to identify student online resources, therefore, you should when possible use your school email to identify yourself.  You will do this by using the Cloudshare environment. Please do not use your private Gmail or Google account.

Step 1. Open your web browser and navigate to the Google homepage site

Click on the "Sign in" button in the top right hand corner

Go to Step 2.

Step 2. The screen will appear as below with "Accounts" in the top left hand corner.

The following steps will allow you to access your Google account through Cloudshare.
In image "a" the field below "Email" place  your Cenet Cloudshare log in this format: 

So for example John Smith in Year 7 

Leave the "Password" field blank

click "sign in" as shown by the yellow arrows in the image "b" below

Go to Step 3

Step 3. In the field "user id" place use your Cenet Cloudshare log in this format: 

So for example John Smith in Year 7 

in the "diocese" field select Sydney

in the  "Password" field type your Cenet password

click "authenticate"

You do need to join your network at home.
Activity: Scroll down to the files below. click on the arrow and download the, then unzip the file and place this on the desktop of your Notebook computer. This will allow you to easily apply settings for school and for home. When you click on the unzipped icon, if you are at school, select Yes option. If you wish to use your Notebook at home when asked do you want to set up for school select No.
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