Biographical Sketch


Thomas E. Page, the former Officer-in-Charge of the Los Angeles Police Department's (LAPD) Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Unit, began his law enforcement career with the Detroit Police Department. Before undertaking a law enforcement career, Mr. Page served the Wayne County, Michigan Health Department for five years as a public health worker.

Mr. Page assisted in the coordination of the 1985 Los Angeles Field Validation Test (173 case study) of the DRE Procedure.  This study validated the effectiveness and reliability of a standardized and systematic approach to drug influence recognition. Mr. Page was also a member of the initial DRE curriculum development cadre. This cadre created the first formal DRE course curricula.

Mr. Page has taught drug influence recognition and criminal justice topics to a wide range of audiences. They include: the National Judicial College, the California District Attorneys Association, the American Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association, the National Advocacy Center, Northwestern University Traffic Institute, the Institute of Police Technology and Management, the California Department of Mental Health, the Swedish National Police Federation in Stockholm, the Russian Procuracy Training Academy in Moscow, the Victoria Police in Melbourne, Australia, the European Academy of Forensic Sciences in Turkey, the International Traffic Medicine Association, the U.S.Army, nurses, physicians, toxicologists, and private industry.

Mr. Page provides expert testimony in court on the effects of alcohol and drugs (including legal drugs), driving under the influence enforcement, drugs in the workplace, and the standardized field sobriety test, including horizontal gaze nystagmus.  He has been accepted as an expert in courts in twenty-one states

Mr. Page has authored numerous articles on drug user detection techniques.  His credits include "Police Chief" Magazine, the Victoria Australia Parliamentary Road Safety Committee Report, the International Congress on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence in Norway, the 2000 (Stockholm, Sweden) and 2002 (Montreal, Canada) International Conferences on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety.  He co-authored the Drug Information Handbook for Criminal Justice Professionals, and also authored the introductory chapter in The Medical-Legal Aspects of Drugs published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company, Marcelline Burns, editor. He is also the co-author/editor of The Medical-Legal Aspects of Abused Substances, published by Lawyers and Judges Publishing Company.

Mr. Page served as the first General Chairperson of the DRE Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), and is a former member of IACP's DRE Technical Advisory Panel.  The DRE Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police has awarded Mr. Page the title “Drug Recognition Expert Emeritus.” Mr. Page is a Life Member of the IACP, and the California Narcotics Officers Association. He is a member of the National Safety Council's Committee on Alcohol and Other Drugs, and is also a member of the International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety (ICADTS).

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and his Master of Arts degree in Urban Studies from the University of Detroit. He is a member of the University of Detroit Mercy’s College of Liberal Arts and Education Dean’s Advisory Board. Mr. Page holds a State of California lifetime college teaching credential.