....This I believe by luis....


     Do you believe that soccer is one of the best sports ever invented?  I believe that to fit into a team, no individual can put his needs above those of the team as a whole.  he must play his role, the position the coach assigns him.  On the Olympic team, we had players who could’ve started but didn’t complain when they were asked to contribute from the bench. . . .When they got in the game, they made the most of the opportunity....Mia Hamm  

     Well soccer is a good sport to play in your free time. Instead of being out on the streets with a bunch of gangsters doing drugs and getting into trouble with the law you can do something good for your body like exercising and playing sports.  This sport makes you have a lot of energy.  This sport make people have dream like am having to do. this is a good sport. 

     When I was a little boy, I had a dream that I'd be a professional soccer like my father was planning to be.  From that day on I got motivated to achieve my goal of being a professional soccer player.  When i go to mexico am going to tryout for some teams like my dad did when he was a young boy.  This man made my life happy and sad but that who life is.