Hey every one in the wonderful world my name is Luis but every one calls me Wichy ,i was born in Mexico i have 11 years in the United State and i live in Richmond California.

One of my goals are soccer,i love to play that sport, this sport is one of the most populer sport in the world,am trying to be one of those people but i have to do allot of things i have   to go the  take CAHSEE and go to a college i think am going to uc berkeley because its one of the  most important thing in my life the other think is what college am i planing to go.This subject means alot to me and my dad soccer run in my family.well that my goal and i love it, i hope people get that chanse like i want to.   

The other goal do, this goal is a good to do becauseyou think about wat you want to draw you can draw people or other things.In this is art,art is the other goal that i love to subject you need to go to a art school so you can lean more thing.The thnig wat i love about it is that people figure ou t wat u are drawing.W ell that the two goals i love to do.

Thank you wonderful people for reading my page i hope you like it.

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