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Church and Cemetery Records

Allegheny County  
     Cemeteries by Sharon Krayneck (Vol. 1-13)  
     Chartiers Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Vol. 1 & 2  
     Christ Episcopal, 1831-1863, Allegheny City       
     Highwood Cem., Pittsburgh (Vol. 1 & 2)  
     St. John’s Luth. Cem. (Spring Hill) & Voegtly (Troy Hill), Pittsburgh  
     Union Dale Cem., (Vol. 1-8), by K.T.H. McFarland, Pittsburgh  
     Voegtly Evangelical Church Cem., Pittsburgh (Troy Hill)  
Armstrong County  
     Cemetery Listings by Rupert  
     Chartiers Cem., Vol. 1-2, Pittsburgh  
     Clinton Lutheran, 1852-1860, Clinton, S. Buffalo Twp.       
     Emmanuel Evang. Lutheran, 1875-1920, Freeport  
     Old Kittanning Cem., Rayburn Twp.  
     St. Matthew's Lutheran, 1844-1932, McVille  
Beaver County  
     Cemeteries compiled by Hays & Closson (Vols 1-4)  
Berks County  
     Albany Twp. Tombstone Inscriptions by Elaine D. Schwar  
     Alleghenyville Mennonite Cem., Brecknock Twp.  
     Alsace Cem., Muhlenberg Twp.  
     Altalaha Luth. Burial Record, Rehrersburg  
     Altalaha Evang. Lutheran, bps. 1757-1852, Rehersburg, Tulpehocken Twp.  
     Amityville Cem. & St. Paul's Cem., Amityville, Amity Twp.  
     Aulenbach Cem., Reading  
     Becker's St. Peter Cem., Richmond Twp.  
     Belleman's Salem Union, 1746-1982, Centre Twp.  
     Bern Methodist (Salem E.U.B.) Cem., Tilden Twp.  
     Bern Burial Record  
     Bern Church Old Graveyard, Bern Twp.  
     Bertolet Meeting Cem., Bertolet Private Cem., Oley Twp.  
     Bethany Methodist, 1859-1959, Hamburg, Windsor Twp.  
     Bethel Twp. Cemeteries: Frystown, Merkey’s, Schubert Brethren, Bashore Family, Meekville Mennonite  
     Birchill Cem. Mohrsville, Centre Twp.  
     Bolich's Cem., Zion Jerusalem, Frieden's Union, Albany Twp.  
     Boyertown Union Cem., Colebrookdale Twp.  
     Cemeteries compiled by Schwar, Vols. 1-5  
     Cemeteries (private) compiled by Miller et al  
     Charles Evans, 2 vols., Reading  
     Christ (Mertz) Cem. & Hope Cem., Dryville, Rockland Twp.  
     Christ (DeLong's) Reformed Cem., Bowers, Maxatawny Twp. (1795-1832)  
     Christ Evang. Lutheran, 1811-1869, Dryville, Rockland Twp.  
     Christ (Maxatawny/DeLong's Reformed), 1765-1832, Bowers, Maxatawny Twp.  
     Christ (Mertz’s) Cemetery, Dryville, Rockland Twp.  
     Ebenezer Cem., Shoemakersville       
     Eppler's Church Cem. and Lower Burial Ground, Bern Twp.  
     Evang. United Brethren, 1956-1984, Reading  
     Fairview Cem., Boyertown, Colebrookdale Twp.  
     Fairview Cem., Kutztown  
     Fairview, Salem Bellman's Church Cem., Centre Twp.  
     Fairview, Shillington Cem., Cumru Twp.  
     First Reformed UCC, 1869-1995, Hamburg, Windsor Twp.       
     Fleetwood Cem., Richmond Twp.  
     Frieden's (Wicklein's) Cem., Robeson Twp.  
     Frieden's Church Cem., Fleetwood, Richmond Twp.  
     Frieden’s Union Church, Shartlesville, Upper Bern Twp.  
     Frieden's Union Church Cem., Lenhartsville, Greenwich Twp. (2)  
     Frieden's Union Church Cem., Albany Twp.  
     Frieden's Union Church Tombstone Inscriptions, Upper Bern Twp.  
     Frantz Family, Little Swatara, & Zieglers Cems., Tulpehocken Twp.  
     Fritz Cem., Douglass Twp.  
     Gernant's Church Cem., Leesport, Ontelaunee Twp.  
     Gethsemane Cem., Laureldale, Muhlenberg Twp.  
     Good Shepherd (Hinnershitz's) Cem., Tuckerton, Muhlenberg Twp.  
     Goshenhoppen (Catholic) Registers, 1741-1819, Bally, Washington Twp.  
     Grimsville (New Bethel Zion Union) Cem., Greenwich Twp.  
     Graves of Schwenkfelder Immigrants (various cemeteries)  
     Haag's Tombstone Inscriptions, Bernville  
     Heidelberg Cem., Robesonia  
     Herald (listing events)-Bernville Evang. & Ref. Charge, 1919-1962, Bern Twp.  
     Hereford & District Twps. Tombstone Inscriptions by Schwar  
     Hope & St. John's Cems., Kutztown  
     Hope Cem., Christ Lutheran, Dryville  
     Host "Tulpehocken", Marion Twp.  
     Jerusalem (Red) Church Cem., Albany Twp.  
     Jerusalem Union, baptisms, Albany Twp.  
     Kissinger's Union Cem., Spring Twp.  
     Laureldale Burial Records, Muhlenberg Twp.  
     Leesport Cem., Leesport  
     Longswamp Church Cem., Longswamp Twp.  
     Longswamp Church, Longswamp Twp.  
     Lyons Cem., Lyons, Maxatawny Twp.  
     Maidencreek Union Church Cem., Blandon, Maidencreek Twp.  
     Mohnsville, Cumru Twp.  
     New Bethel Zion Union, Grimville, Greenwich Twp.  
     New Jerusalem (Dunkel's), Greenwich Twp.  
     New Jerusalem Cem., Rockland Twp.  
     Old Northkill (Friedens) Lutheran, Bernville, Bern Twp.  
     Oley Reformed, 1763-1860, Oley Twp.  
     Pleasantview (partial) Cem., Spring Twp.  
     Pleasantview Union Cem.  
     Plow Church Cem., Robeson Twp.  
     Pricetown & St. John's Cems., Pricetown, Ruscombmanor Twp.  
     Private Family Cemeteries revised from Dreibelbis  
     Private family and old church cemeteries by Harvey C. Dreibelbis  
     Reading in 1888: Old Graveyards, Reading  
     Reber Family Cem., Penn Twp.  
     Reed's Cem., Stouchburg, Marion Twp.  
     Robeson Twp: Freidens (Wicklein’s), Robeson, St. John's Cems.  
     Salem Cem., Bethel, Bethel Twp.  
     Salem (Belleman's) Graveyard, Centre Twp.  
     Salem (Bellman’s) Union, bps, marr., 1746-1982, Centre Twp.  
     Salem Evang., 1841-1895, Mohnton, Cumru Twp.  
     Salem Evangelical Cem., Shamrock, Longswamp Twp.  
     Salem Lutheran (Rick Memorial), 1853-1947, Bethel Twp.  
     Schwarzwald Cem., Exeter Twp.  
     St. Gabriel's Episcopal, Amity Twp., marriages  
     St. Gabriel's Cem., Douglassville, Amity Twp.  
     St. John's Cem., Kutztown  
     St. John’s Tombstone Inscriptions, Kutztown, by Larry Hains  
     St. John’s U.C.C. Cem., Kutztown, by Jay Druckenmiller  
     St. John's Cem., Hamburg, Windsor Twp.  
     St. John's (Gernant's) Union Cem., Ontelaunee Twp.  
     St. John's Evang. Lutheran, 1897-1907, Hamburg, Windsor Twp.  
     St. John's (Hains) Reformed, 1745-1916, Heidelberg Twp.  
     St. John’s (Hains) by Harvey C. Dreibelbis  
     St. John's (Host), Tulpehocken Twp.  
     St. John’s (Host) Cem. By Harvey Dreibelbis  
     St. John’s (Host) Reformed Cem.  
     St. John’s and Hope Cem., Kutztown by Bernice Sell  
     St. Joseph's (Hill Church) Cem., Pike Twp.  
     St. Joseph's (Hill) Church, 1800-1900, Pike Twp.  
     St. Luke’s Cem., Shoemakersville, Perry Twp.  
     St. Mark's Union, 1897-1901, Shoemakersville, Perry Twp.  
     St. Mary's Cem., Reading by Edgar Zimmerman  
     St. Michael's Cems. (1 and 2), Tilden Twp. By L. & B. Seaman  
     St. Michael's Union, 1810-1880, few from 1752-1756, Tilden Twp.  
     St. Michael’s Union, includes burials without stones, Tilden Twp.  
     St. Paul's, Richmond Twp.  
     St. Paul's Cem., New Schaefferstown, Jefferson Twp.  
     St. Paul's Catholic (Goshenhoppen) Cem., Bally  
     St. Paul's Evang. Congregational, Reading, 1971-1996  
     St. Paul's Reformed (UCC), Fleetwood, Richmond Twp.  
     St. Paul's Reformed Cem., Amityville, Amity Twp.  
     St. Paul's UCC, bps 1839-1977, marr & death, 1839-1976, Fleetwood  
     St. Paul's Union Cem., Fleetwood, Richmond Twp. by Dreibelbis  
     St. Paul's Cem., Lobachsville, Pike Twp.  
     St. Peter's Cem., Richmond Twp.  
     St. Peter's, Vol. 1, Richmond Twp.  
     St. Peter's Catholic Church Cem., Reading  
     St. Thomas Church of Christ, bps. 1858-1923, marr & deaths, 1911-1924, Bern Twp.  
     St. Thomas, 1740-1990, Morgantown  
     Sassaman-Helffrich-Herman-Schmidt Cems., Maxatawny Twp.  
     Schwarzwald Cem., Exeter Twp.  
     Shalter's Salem Union, Fleetwood, Richmond Twp.  
     Strausstown Lutheran, Upper Tulpehocken Twp.  
     Tombstone Inscriptions by Schwar (Vol. 1, Albany Twp.; Vol. 2, Hereford & District Twps.; Vol. 3,  
     Richmond Twp.; Vol. 4, Longswamp Twp.; Vol. 5, Greenwich Twp.)  
     Trinity Evang. Lutheran, 1876-1997, Kutztown  
     Trinity Lutheran, 1751-1812, Reading  
     Trinity Lutheran Cem., Reading  
     Tulpehocken, 1730-1800, incl. Christ (Little Tulpehocken) & Altalaha, Rehersburg  
     Union Church, 1744-1944, Heidelberg Twp.  
     Wyomissing Cem.  
     Yocom's Cem., Grill, Cumru Twp.  
     Yoder/Yotter/Jotter Family Cem., Marion Twp.  
     Zion's Church Cem., Maxatawny Twp.  
     Zion’s Lutheran, Marriage records, 1744-1758  
     Zion United Evang. Congregation, 1887-2000, Mohnton, Cumru Twp.  
     Zion's (Spies) Union, 1744-1845, Alsace Twp.  
Blair County  
     German Evang. Lutheran, Tyrone, 1854-1919  
     St. Mary, 1844-1920, Hollidaysburg  
     St. Mary's, 1862-1888, Altoona  
     Zion Lutheran, 1824-1923, Hollidaysburg & Frankstown  
     Zion's Evang. Lutheran, 1837-1860, Williamsburg  
Bucks County  
     Early Pa. Ref. Church & Cem. Records (Springfield, Durham & Saucon Twps.  
     Waite's Tombstone Inscriptions, Bedminster & Haycock Twps.  
     Zionhill Evanglical Lutheran Cem., Springfield Twp.  
Cambria County  
     Cambria Cemeteries compiled by Warzel, Vols. 1-2  
     Cambria & Somerset Cos., by Ensley, Vols. 3 & 4  
     St. John Gaulbert, Vol. 1, 3, 5, Johnstown       
     Sandyvale Cem. 1850-1906  
Carbon County  
     Ben Salem Union, 1802-1855, E. Penn Twp.  
     Dinkey Memorial Church Burials, E. Penn Twp.  
     St. Jacob's, 1818-1848, Weissport  
Centre County  
     Cemeteries compiled by Cooper & Houtz (Benner, Spring, College Twps.)  
     Brush Valley Union, 1792-1855 (now in Clinton County)  
Chester County  
     Bethel Methodist Cem., E. Coventry Twp.  
     Nantmeal M.E., Pughtown Baptist, Bethel Methodist Cems.  
     Grace Chapel (Methodist), Coventryville  
     Mount Carmel Methodist Cem., St. Peter's Village  
     Parkerford Baptist & Vincent (Rhoads) Mennonite Cems.  
     Pughtown Baptist Church Cem., Pughtown  
     Zion Lutheran Cem., E. Pikeland  
Clinton County  
     Brush Valley Union, Rebersburg, 1792-1855  
Columbia County  
     Centralia Cem.  
     Baptist & United Brethern, Numidia, Locust Twp.  
     Miscellaneous church & cemetery records compiled by Schwalm 
          (Cabin Run Union Baptisms 1799-1876, 
          Briar Creek Twp.; Christian Congregation baptisms, 1803-1859, Hemlock Twp.; 
          Fisher’s Union Cem., now Emanuel’s U.C.C., Main Twp.; 
          Briar Creek Lutheran baptisms, 1825-1881 and Reformed, 1799-1880)  
     St. John’s Union, Catawissa  
Dauphin County  
     Early Lutheran records compiled by Rice & Dellock  
     Oakdale, Berrysburg Circuit, 1863-1968, U. Salford Twp.  
     Salem Evang. Lutheran, 1770-1859, U. Paxton Twp.  
     St. John's Lutheran, near Berrysburg, Mifflin Twp.  
     St. Matthew's (Coleman's) Lutheran, 1872-1966, includes cem.  
     St. Peter's (Fetterhoff's) Union, now UCC, Armstrong Valley  
     St. Peter’s Kirche Graveyard Tombstone Records, Middletown  
     Tombstone Inscriptions by Stroh, Vol. 3  
     Union Salem's Kirche, bps 1837-1939, marr & deaths 1863-1910, Berrysburg, Mifflin Twp.  
     Wenrich's Cem., Linglestown, Paxton Twp.  
Elk County  
     Lake City Cem.  
     Lake City Church records, incl. bps, marriages, deaths, Springcreek Twp.  
Fayette Co.  
     Oak Grove Cem. (originally Union Cem.),  
     Cemeteries compiled by Yaniga, Vol. 1  
     Cemeteries by Kathryn Cooley Miller  
     German Church Records, Lutheran & Reformed by Ruff  
Franklin County  
     Fannettsburg Presbyterian, 1851-1970, Lower Path Valley Presby.  
Indiana County  
     Brush Valley Lutheran, 1822-1893, Part 1  
     Cemeteries compiled by Warzel, Vol. 1  
     German Church Records of Indiana County by Ruff  
     Hebron Lutheran, 1827-1880  
Lancaster County  
     Assorted Cems: (Bangor Parish; Bomberger; Carpenter’s; Carpenter’s Mennonite; Ephrata Cloister; Mt. Zion;  
     First Reformed; Greenwood; Old Moravian; Maytown Reformed; Millersville (Manor); St. Paul’s  
     Reformed; Salem (Heller’s); Willow Street (Herr/Brick) Mennonite; other misc. graveyards  
     Bangor Episcopal Cem.  
     Bowmansville Community Cem.  
     Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. 4 & 5  
     Churchtown Methodist Cem.  
     Cemeteries compiled by Xakellis (Vol. 1, Elizabeth Twp.; Vol. 2, Warwick Twp.; Vol. 3, Clay Twp.)  
     Cemeteries compiled by Harmon (Vol. 1-6)  
     Churches & Cemeteries by A. Hunter Rineer, Jr.  
     Emanuel Lutheran, Elizabeth Township, 1743-99  
     Groffdale Mennonite Cem., W. Earl Twp.  
     Hahnstown United Zion Cem., E. Cocalico Twp.  
     Lancaster County Burials  
     Leacock Presbyterian Cem.       
     Lichty Cem., E. Earl Twp.  
     Martic Twp. Cems.  
     Muddy Creek Cem.  
     Reihers (Zion's) Reformed, Brickerville, Elizabeth Twp.  
     Salem Lutheran Churchyard by Worner, Warwick Twp., Kissel Hill  
     Terre Hill Cem., E. Earl Twp.  
     Trinity Lutheran, Lancaster, 1782-1796  
Lawrence County  
     Cemeteries compiled by Cooper (Vol. 1-12)  
Lebanon County  
     Assorted Cemeteries: Tulpehocken; Richland; Moravian; Fredericksburg/Lickdale; Nafzger;  
           Peter Witmer; Michael Dohner; Kohn; Snavely; Klopp’s; Bethel Moravian  
     Hebron Moravian (Quittopahilla), Marriages 1751-1811  
     Holy Savior Cem., Cornwall  
     Kimmerlings Reformed, bps. 1754-1887, N. Lebanon Twp.  
     Lebanon County Cemeteries, various  
     Lebanon County Tombstone Inscriptions  
     Millbach Reformed, bps 1817-1872, Millbach Twp.  
     Millcreek Memorial Cem., Newmanstown  
     Quittopahilla (Hill) Church, 1745-1854, near Annville  
Lehigh County  
     Assorted Cems: Evang Church (Vera Cruz); Union (Old Zionsville);  
          Salem Evang (U. Milford); Hosensack (L. Milford); Gehman, Mohr, Moyer, Trexler Family Cems.  
     Bethany United Methodist Cem., Wescosville, L. Macungie Twp.  
     Bible Methodist Cem., Orefield, S. Whitehall Twp.  
     Calvary/St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Cem., Emmaus  
     Cedar Union Cem., S. Whitehall Twp.  
     Cedar Heights (Cedarbrook County Home) Cemetery, S. Whitehall & L. Macungie Twps.  
     Ebenezer Union, 1940-1965, New Tripoli, with index  
     Ebenezer Union Church Cem., New Tripoli  
     Egypt New Cemetery, Whitehall Twp.  
     Egypt Reformed, 1734-1834  
     Emmanuel Church of the United Brethren, East Texas, L. Macungie Twp.  
     Evangelical Church Cem., Emmaus  
     Greenwood Cem., Allentown  
     Heidelberg Church, 1740-1978, Heidelberg Twp.  
     Immaculate Conception Cem., Allentown  
     Jacob's Church Cem., Jacksonville  
     Jordan Lutheran, S. Whitehall Twp., 1740-1850, 1883-1906  
     Jordan Reformed Church, S. Whitehall Twp., 1765-1858  
     Lehigh Church, 1750-1790, L. Macungie Twp.  
     Lowhill Union, 1769-1870, Lowhill Twp.  
     Lynnville (St. Peter’s) Union Cem., Lynn Twp.  
     Macungie Baptist, Macungie  
     Moravian Cem., Emmaus  
     Morgenland Church Cem.  
     Old Allentown Cem., Allentown  
     Old Zionsville U.C.C., Shimersville, U. Milford Twp.  
     Resurrection Cem., U. & L. Macungie Twps.  
     St. John the Baptist Slovak Church Cem., Allentown  
     St. John’s (Mickley’s) Union Cem., Whitehall  
     St. John’s Union Cem., Emmaus  
     St. John's Union, 1836-1869, Fogelsville, U. Macungie Twp.  
     St. Mark’s Cem., Allentown  
     St. Mary’s Ukrainian Cem., Fullertown, Whitehall Twp.  
     St. Paul’s Union Cem., Trexlertown, U. Macungie Twp.  
     St. Paul’s (Blue), U. Saucon Twp.  
     St. Paul’s Evang. Lutheran, marr, deaths 1750-1764, U. Saucon Twp.  
     St. Peter's Union, Vol. 1 1842-1913, Rittersville, now Allentown  
     St. Peter's Union Cem., Rittersville (now Allentown)  
     St. Peter’s Reformed Cem., 1835-1912, by Reinbold  
     Salem United Methodist Cem., Zionsville, U. Milford Twp.  
     Salem United Methodist Cem., East Texas, L. Macungie Twp.  
     Schlosser’s Union, Unionville, N. Whitehall Twp.  
     Slatedale Cem., Washington Twp.  
     Solomon’s U.C.C. Cem., Macungie  
     Trexler Park Cem., Allentown  
     Trexler Private Burying Ground, Breinigsville, U. Macungie Twp.  
     Upper Milford (now Zion's) Reformed, 1757-1809, Zionsville  
     Vera Cruz E. C. Church Cem., Vera Cruz, U. Milford Twp.  
     Western Salisbury Union Church Cem., Allentown  
     Ziegel-Gemeinde Cem., Weisenberg Twp.  
     Ziegel Union, 1752-1866, Weisenberg Twp.  
     Zion (Lehigh) Church Cem., updated 2001  
     Zion Brethren of Christ Church, Breinigsville, U. Macungie Twp.  
     Zion's Evangelical Lutheran Burials, U. Milford Twp.  
Luzerne County  
     Tombstone Inscriptions compiled by Drasher (Parts 1-4)  
     St. John’s Lutheran, marriages 1908-1950, Butler Twp.  
     St. John's Union Cem. & St. John's Cem., Hughesville  
     Trinity, Peace, Friedens Cems., Black Creek Twp.  
Lycoming County  
     Cemeteries compiled by Warzel (Vol. 1)  
Monroe County  
     Hamilton Union Cem., Hamilton Twp.  
     Hamilton Township Union Church, 1768-1843  
     Tannersville Circuit, 1859-1884  
Montgomery County  
     Ambler Church of Brethren, Ambler, Montgomery County  
     Augustus Evang. Lutheran, Trappe, Montgomery County  
     Old Goshenhoppen Cem., U. Salford Twp.  
     Old Goshenhoppen Lutheran, 1751-1937, U. Salford Twp.  
     St. Paul's (Six-Cornered), U. Hanover Twp.  
     Wentz's Reformed, 1763-1858, Worcester Twp.  
Northampton County  
     Bushkill United Methodist Cem., Clearfield, Bushkill Twp.  
     Christ Reformed, L. Saucon  
Eyerman's Cemetery readings (Vol.1 & 2)  
     Hamilton Union Church, now in Hamilton Twp., Monroe County  
     Humphrey's Pennsylvania Graves Stones, Northampton  
     Interdenominational Church Cem., Clearfield, Bushkill Twp.  
     Jehovah Lutheran Cem., Bushkill Center, Bushkill Twp.  
     Kieffer's First Settlers (1st Reformed), 1760-1852, Easton  
     Lime Kiln Cem., L. Saucon Twp.  
     New Jerusalem (Apple’s Church) Cem., Leithsville, L. Saucon Twp.  
     Northwood Cem., Emmaus  
     St. John's (German) Lutheran, 1769-1827, Easton       
     St. Paul's Graveyard & Cemetery by Wentz, near Cherryville  
     St. Paul's (Indianland) Union, Cherryville, includes some Zion's Stone Church  
     Trinity Cem., Wassergass, L. Saucon Twp.  
     Zion Reformed, 1765-1820, Allen Twp.  
Northumberland County  
     Eden Evang. Lutheran, 1847-1960, Plum Creek, U. Augusta Twp.  
     Howerter's & Kimmel's Churches, U. Mahanoy Twp.  
     St. David's Union, 1829-1915, Jordan Twp., includes cem.  
     Mt. Carmel Cem., Mt. Carmel  
     Oak Hill Cem. (O. of I.A.), Mt. Carmel  
     St. Jacob's (Reed) Cem., Ralpho Twp.  
     Wolf's Crossroads Luth. Charge: Emmanuel Luth., Lantz Emmanuel Ref., St. Elias Luth.  
Perry County  
     30 Cemetery Records  
     St. Luke's Cem., Shoemakersville  
Philadelphia County  
     Christ Church, 1709-1760, Philadelphia  
     St. Joseph’s, 1733  
     St. Michael's Evang. Lutheran, Germantown (Vol. 1 & 2)  
     Tioga Presbyterian, 1859-1905, Philadelphia  
Schuylkill County  
     Bethany Evang. Congregational, Ashland  
     Charles Baber Cem., Pottsville  
     Christ Protestant Episcopal, Frackville  
     Christ Union, McKeansburg, 1830-1891  
     Frieden’s Church, E. Brunswick Twp., 1800-1874  
     Frieden's Union, 1848-1957, Hegins  
     Frieden's Union, Branch Twp., St. John's Union, Friedensburg  
     Gilberton Charge, Methodist Episcopal, W. Mahanoy Twp.        
     German Protestant Cem., Mahanoy City, Mahanoy Twp.  
     Greenwood Cem., Tower City, Porter Twp.  
     Holy Apostles Episcopal, St. Clair  
     Jerusalem Lutheran, Schuylkill Haven, 1821-1868  
     Lewistown Evang. Cem.  
     Methodist Episcopal Churches, Ashland & Girardville  
     Minersville Evang. Lutheran, Branch Twp.  
     Odd Fellows Cem. (I.O.O.F.), Pottsville  
     Odd Fellows Cem., Shenandoah Heights, W. Mahanoy Twp.  
     Port Clinton Cem., Port Clinton  
     St. Andrew's United Methodist, 1866-1958, Hegins Twp., includes cem.  
     St. Jacob's Luth., 1782-1877; Salem (Hetzel's), 1783-1919, Pine Grove Twp.  
     St. John's, Ashland  
     St. John's & St. Paul's Luth. Cems. By Fayne Grabill  
     St. John's Evang. Lutheran, 1861-1903, Tremont  
     St. John's Union Cem., Auburn by Timothy Gruber  
     St. Joseph/St. Mauritius Cem., Ashland  
     St. Paul’s Episcopal, Minersville  
     St. Paul's (Summer Hill) Union, burials, tombstone inscriptions, Manheim Twp.  
     St. Paul's (White), Ringtown, Union Twp.  
     St. Paul's (White) Cem., Union & N. Union Twps.  
     Steigerwalt's Church of God Cem., McKeansburg, E. Brunswick Twp.  
     Summer Hill Cem., S. Manheim Twp.  
     Union and N. Union Twps., collected cemeteries  
     Trinity Episcopal, 1832-1872, Pottsville  
     Zion (Red) Church, 1755-1800, Brunswick  
     Zion's Evang. German Luth., Girardville  
     Zion Church, Lewistown, 1853-1876. Also Lewistown Union Cem.  
Snyder County  
     Tombstone Inscriptions by Wagenseller  
Somerset County  
     Beam German Reformed (Now Mt. Laurel UCC), Jenner Twp.  
     Berlin Union, 1788-1856, Berlin  
     (Cambria &) Somerset Co. Cemeteries by Ensley, Vol. 3 & 4  
     Quehamoning Twp: Mt. Tabor Reformed Church; Stoystown Lutheran Church; Stoystown Union Cem.;  
     Hooversville Reformed Cem.; Odd Fellows Cem.  
Washington County  
     Coal Center Methodist, 1873-1938; also Lucyville (Roscoe), Ebenezer's  
     Clover Hill, Mt. Tabor, Edward's Chapel, Pigeon Creek  
     German Church Records, Lutheran & Reformed by Ruff (1793-1806)  
     Highland Cem., California  
Westmoreland County  
     Four Cemeteries compiled by Welsh (Immaculate Conception, Leger, Mars Hill Baptist, Guffey)  
     German Church Records, Lutheran & Reformed by Ruff (1772-1820)  
     Seven Cemeteries compiled by Closson (Old Salem, Delmont U.P., Apple Hill, River Forest, Eastview Union,  
     Livermore, Jones Mills Cems.)  
     Turtle Creek & Bethel Ref. Presbyterian  
York County  
     Big Spring Presbyterian, 1737-1898, Newville  
     Early Families of York County, Pa. by Dull (Vol. 1 & 2)  
     Early German Families of York County, Pa. by Dull  
     St. Matthew's Evang. Lutheran, 1741-1831, Hanover  
     Christ Ref., 1770-1840, Vol. 1; Zion Lutheran, 1781-1826, Vol. 2, Middletown, Frederick Co.  
     Early Families of Frederick County  
     Inhabitants of Frederick County, Vol. 1 & 2  
     Monocacy Church, marriages & burials, 1743-1811, Frederick Co.  
     Names in Stone, Frederick Co. (Vol. 1 & 2)  
     Fairmount Cem., Phillipsburg, Warren Co.  
     Greenlawn Cem., Chillicothe, Ross Co.  
     Ohio Cemetery Records, extracted from Old Northwest Quarterly  
     Wood County Cems., Webster, Restlawn, & Freedom Twps.  
     Fairfax County Gravestones, Vol. 6  
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     Baumbach, Braach, and Sterkelshausen, Evangelische, Hessen-Kassel, 1658-1748  
     Friedrichstal, 1698-1812  
     Mimbach, 1665-1695, and Hornbach, 1680-1707 (In German)  
     Der judische Friedhof [cem.], (Nieder-) Hochst (In German)  
     Der judische Friedhof, Kirrweiler (In German)  
     Welschneureut, 1700-1809 (In French and German)