About the Project

Our goal is to create an open health resource for Pagans and helping professions regarding the needs of Pagan clients.

Members of the Pagan community such as writers, teachers, clergy, members of the priesthood, and health care professionals have teamed up to network and gather or create resources.

The site is being developed collaboratively "wikily" by the Pagan Health Care Resources Team allowing any user to add and edit content.

If you are a health services provider of any field, member of the Pagan ministry, or a writer who wants to be involved, please email us. phcrteam(at)googlegroups.com

Document "Guidelines for Health Care Providers Interacting with Pagan Patients and Their Families"
This guide can be downloaded and read as is or it may be modified to include local Pagan contacts.

PDF trifold leaflet "Pagans in hospital, hospice, or nursing home"
By the Pagan Federation of the United Kingdom.