The D!TKO! Zine Library

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The DiTKO! Zine Library is a collection of small press materials that represents the broad diversity of contemporary independent publishing across all genres. Housed at the Brooklyn all-ages arts and performance space the Silent Barn, our goal is to facilitate community around the vital, DIY, accessible culture that zines embody, and we aim to build a collection that will serve as a resource for artists, writers, activists, and aspiring zine makers.

03/09/13: The Ditko! Zine Library has finally finished cataloging our collection (over 600 'zines). You can all view the catalog here.

But even better news is that the library is now open for submissions.Would you like your 'zine to be feature in our collection and available for all visitors to the Silent Barn? Or do you have a large collection of small press 'zines and comics you would be willing to donate?

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