CHEF: Kunal Gupta

Silent Barn Risks

This project just explores the risk of consequences in the following areas, and makes recommendations for process regulation over the rest of the Silent Barn based on that.    Evaluating risks, and determining the efficient measures to mitigate them, is something I believe will be an important, creative project that will make Silent Barn tick in the long run, and facilitate our crazier ideas, and keep us unafraid of presenting the crazier side of art.   If this results of this project can be disseminated in some untracable, unreferencable way (print zines?), this would also be a political community empowerment project, similar to what I consider Todd Patrick's work in the earlier 2000's, tips for other emerging spaces.  This includes the areas of:
  • Property Damage; and Consequences
  • Personal Injury; and Consequences
  • Renovation Regulation; and Consequences
  • Tax Reporting, Liability, and Payment; and Consequences
  • Space Usage Regulation; and Consequences
  • Fire Regulation; and Consequences
  • Employment Regulation; and Consequences
  • Alchohol / Food Regulation; and Consequences
Here are the risks we are trying to evaluate and avoid, from most permissible to worst-case
  • Property Damage
  • Fines
  • Personal Injury
  • Short-term Imprisonment
  • Lawsuit
  • Temporary Shutdown
  • Permanent Shutdown
  • Long-term Imprisonment
Here is short categorical list of ways mitigate these these risks, to inspire research.
  • Adherence
  • Avoidance / Obscurity
  • Insurance, and other payments.
  • Political Relationships
We can reach out to the many different people in NY with experiences to get more in-depth understanding of the efficiency of all of these solutions.  

Thoughts? This is a rushed & naive draft, and some of it may sound stupid - but it may accurate represent the state of even the more intelligent brains in NY, and I am looking forward to substantially improving that. This is the area of Silent Barn I'm currently most interested in ( it is a lot like hacking! ) .  If anyone is interested in working with me on these conversations and this research, or just wants to contribute to the discussion right here, absolutely great to hear from you!