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II/II  2012      

The Silent Barn had a theory about dark places -- 

The longer you keep light out of an area, the more terrible things can happen there.

We’d go to the basement as often as we remembered and just bring light with us, from time to time. 

Once, no one had looked in the storage closet for about two months, 

and two demon kitties spawned from the horror.

For more information check out our weekly meeting notes: 1/23 Trans-Cultural Cheese Techniques
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The Delayed Relay Array is Environmental Sound Manipulation system that allows for the real time exploration of space and time. Its basic component is the Delay Relay, a device based on the common delay pedal that can shift and repeat recorded sound in time with a high dregree of precision ideal for the physical exploration of multiple adaptive sound installations. Recorded sound is "thrown" from room to room and shifted backwards in time and in varying degrees in intensity. with the creative arraingment of microphones and speakers running from and to the Delay Relay, a sound event can "walk" around a space creating a phantom of the event that exists in multiple locations at different times.  

What To Do about a Haunted DanceFloor:

1. Divide dance surface into sections along a grid. This is just to break up the procedure, sections need not be of equal area. do not forget the third dimension! all furniture, walls and Items in the third dimension may have clinging dance ghosts.

2. number each section, and divide them up between volunteer Ghostbusters. sections should be physically reachable. give volunteers a group of sections they can get to by dance moves.

3. Pick a song to dance to that is 8 minutes or more. 

dived minutes in the song by number of sections per person. This equals the amount of time each section of dancefloor area must be danced in to satisfy Dance Exorcism

4. Start song. all volunteers dance their hearts out, making sure to loose themselves. this abandon of focused dancing will ensure that the ghosts have nothing to cling to. Ghosts, being the collected and congealed former stories and ideas and happenings of awesome dances held in the past, occupy the area of dance floor that gets the least attention by the living. Living dance moves always trump the wisps of memory, but a dance floor neglected will remember itself.  So when exorcising the haunted dance floor, remember to vigorously dance in every possible section, thus imbuing each section with new dance energy, that of the living. Then, according to the continuum agreement between life and death, that is, between living story and half remembered anecdote, the Dance Floor will begin a new history of Dance Magic, and the Haunting will be dispelled. Remember to leave no section un-boogied. if there is a chair, freak on the chair, if there is a fake palm tree, dance up on that palm tree. If there is a bunch of old dishes in the corner, grab a dish in each hand and pretend you are landing a plane with batons, and repeat for each dish in the stack. This will be a lot of fun in its execution, but never forget that this is serious business, that a haunted dance floor is a haunted house and the consequences of letting that condition endure will be met out in the dark of night, while you sleep.    

Remember to occasionally take a light into the dark places, if only to see what's there ◊ Lucas

VERALL IMPRESSIONS / NON-TIME SPECIFIC OBSERVATIONS: Wide variety of human sound-making. Occasionally difficult to difficult to distinguish beginnings and ends of sets and blocks of environmental sound. Interesting to hear intentional feedback, etc, and apologies for the same sounds from other artists.

New Lab Reports filed by Megan Moncrief, Victoria Keddie, and Daphne Praud.


LORE– A term relating to the sum total of history of stories surrounding the Silent Barn, with a focus on a weaving of unorthodox story organization. The archives, the loose threads, the half remembered nights, the cast off ideas, the unrealized dreams, the living dreams, the waves of roommates, the relationships frozen in jellied time. Any media related to the Barn, and our path represented in information. The word seems appropriate because of the connotations of obscure knowledge that statements like “if you can remember it, you didn’t have a good
time” call to mind. The arcane knowledge nightlife lived bares. What a thousand parties teach.
"It was in the summer of 2008 after the Vivian Girls/The Beets/Pink Reason show that I finally saw the funniest thing ever. It had been a hot sweaty night, and all the bands and residents and a few friends were chilling out on the roof, having our last drink and our last few smokes, and getting stupid out there in the warm air. The doors were closed, the show was over, and we were all sitting at the front of the roof dangling on the edge over the sidewalk. Suddenly there were sirens and lights and cop cars came from all directions and filled the streets in front of the Barn. There were Six squad cars in total, tons of cops got out and it became hard to even see or care what the deal was. Everyone was drunk and the doors were locked, so I wasn’t really concerned, but we all instinctively ducked down anyway. We stayed on the roof, rubber necking, and giggling passing 40s back and forth. 

After a bit, it became clear that the cops weren’t there for the Barn or us or anything, and it seemed that whatever was going on was a suddenly over. It had been something next door. We stopped caring so much, and started peeking out over the edge of the roof. The Patrol cars left one by one, except one that was parked diagonally in the street with its lights flashing, where it had been the whole time since the cops first arrived and go out. there was a small group of cops crowded around the flashing car, muttering to themselves and looking in. What were they doing? Wyckoff avenue is a busy, two lane street, and they were blocking the whole thing. Cars were waiting to get by. Suddenly, in our drunken glee, we realized they had locked the keys in their patrol car. With the lights on. Parked in the middle of the street.

We had a front row seat. It was like a weird TV show for us, for any little humiliation we’d all separately endured in the hands of police, this was the funny payback. Someone went to get more beer. We watched as a cop took his baton off his belt. Oh god, were we gonna get to see them smash their own window? The sergeant shook his head. “Do it man!” someone on our roof yelled, and we all hit the deck laughing. The sergeant walked over to a nearby parked car and casually tore the antenna off, he looked pissed. He bent it into a hook and started fishing in the sliver of open window on the driver’s side. A Bus pulled up. Then another bus, from the other direction. The cops waved at them feebly. “wooo!” we yelled.

Finally, a short Mexican guy in a Bulls jersey came over to them from the sidewalk. They all started shaking their heads, shooing him, but he was waving his hands at them to move away from the door. Everyone seemed confused, but he quickly took out some sort of flat metal object, went over to the door with it and *pop, the door came open. The whole roof erupted in applause, and the cops were smiling and patting the Mexican dude on the back. They finally got the car out of there and the busses got going, and we all stayed up on the roof till the wee hours, having our fun, our good mood from the hijinks lasting the night. Ha ha."  ◊ Lucas


One participant of our Barn Exam would like to include  boat jousts, paintball operated orchestras, rickety devices and situ ultra cheap installations, and yeast drinks with fruit in them... "I grow some herbs named "purple" or "pourpier" in french. I believe they are a cure to everything...I would like to implement trans cultural cheese fructifying techniques. I do nail art brut as a audiovisual performance." 

Another participant said, "It would be cool to outfit the whole place like a fancy boutique, with everything in white and staff wearing all white. But no clothes for sale. Then if you go to the counter and ask what they sell they pour pig's blood on you.

Also weekly seances & witchcraft/universe manipulation experimentation, Junginan dream interpretation maybe a Red Book Book club, religion making, mahjohng club, a mural that looks like MS paint, zine convention. I don't know I have a lot of ideas im just too scared to do them, oooooh an alternative politics book club."

Do you have any project ideas for the new space? Have YOU taken the BARN Exam yet? 

Silent Barn Is People – A Psychological Profile Examination

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