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Happy Digesting!

This week silent barn discussed philosophies on space, time, and survival. 

Numbers were punched in for potential new spaces and our cartographers successfully organized  a bike tour and discovered new territory to explore.


This past Saturday's first inaugural bike mission was a success! Everyone learned how to only half pay attention to the road without dying: think biking in space, except there are 18 wheelers racing furiously at an arm's length and the warm carbon undercurrent is making everything feel purple! All in all we did an awesome job taking care of business and having a sick time. A special thanks to Carol Santel & Michael Anthony Sanchez who were in it to win it. We really appreciate the help!

As a result of this adventure we found some cool new spots to check out as well as created a map (link) that shows all the bike routes we've already explored! If you're interested in helping out, we'll be having another organized ride soon and will be sending out info about that within the next week or so. Feel free to explore on your own time though and let us know if you find anything worthwhile. If you always pass by a place that screams future Silent Barn please send it our way!  - Kristen

>>>>> Real Estate Bike Tour Map!  More bike tours coming!


As Silent Barn gears up to enter a new space, there are so many legal questions that come up regarding all the awesome aspects of swilling together more roommates, spaces for people to make art and rehearse, issues of noises and dancing and getting along with our neighbors. Issues of leases and assets and fiscal sponsorship. We've got our eyes of the prize of making sure this thing pops back open with our roots as deep as possible, and to do that best we need some people we can bounce ideas off of. Please let us know if you specialize in laws regarding arts organizations, commercial leases, residential leases, performance spaces, or if you're interested in helping research topics on our behalf. -Joe


In conjunction with all this forward motion on amazing new spaces, Paesthetics LLC is now filing to become a non-profit arts organization that oversees the new Silent Barn.  We've been in a stew-like flurry of conversations about reality ( and fantasy ) as we assemble the math beneath the new Silent Barn, to present to potential realtors and potential non-profit sponsors.  Ultimately, the 8 is safe, red, and in storage, but there are a few other important numbers to work out.  Thanks to in-depth conversations with folks from Roulette, Death By Audio, and other friends, we've learned so much. The budget team will have a new draft ready and public by next week, and we are looking forward to hear your feedback!  We are always excited to have budget conversations with anyone involved in this dirty business.

Meanwhile, as we commit to our new future, we are looking for immediate legal consultation as well as ongoing legal representation for the Silent Barn.  Any legal assistance is extremely appreciated. Thanks to all of you that have offered to help out so far.  If you think you can help us out here or have access to some help, please send a mail to! -Kunal



You may have noticed this weird pre-fab website we've posting these messages on - it's mainly just a placeholder for things to come, but since people are peeking in through these newsletters I've spruced it up, to begin the long process of compiling the history of our space into something navigabf the space's history (under LORE), some photos from our roof garden, huge online collections of photos and videos under BARN SCRAPINGS, and a text list of shows pulled from our dle to the uninitiated. Trying to showcase not just the unbelievable number of shows that happened at Silent Barn over the years, but eventually a chronology of residents, projects, and strange moments that made this space so special. We're starting with G Lucas Crane's synopsis oecrepit MySpace page, but I'd love suggestions and even volunteers to help with the site tweaking! If you're interested, get at me. - Joe


"This video was taken at a show I did with Charlie Looker at the beginning of 2010 right when I started booking shows with consistency. He spent about a month brainstorming this dream line-up, and then when I asked those people to play they were all "...." so Charlie asked a bunch of his friends and I got really drunk and made $80 at the end of the night off the show, which up until that point I didn't even know was possible. It was also the first time I worked with RJ as a sound guy, who I now deal with as I book 3-5 shows a week at his house. He didn't like me at first because I said he looked like Seth Rogen in the movie Knocked Up, and because I went and got Chinese food for everyone and forgot to ask him what he wanted.

This is also the show where I realized that if you run a bar everyone 1 person over the age of 28 is basically like 2 people under it, because they have real jobs, a taste for liquor, and tip." - Jordan Michael AMC


Plagued with performance anxiety? Get over it and take the BARN!

The BARN Exam continues to be a vital resource for the Silent Barn. Through this rigorous test of wit and skills, we've managed to find a variety of volunteers to help us with everything from legal issues to real estate. In the future it will help us resource an infinite number of projects like benefit shows, renovations, party lab, future gardens, babycastles, D!TKO!, and more!

If you have yet to take the BARN, please do! It's our primary tool for finding volunteers, advice, and just getting to know everyone who is interested in shaping the Silent Barn.  
- Ginny


every JM show ever: 22:57 - Jordan Michael hustling people to drink alcohol

0:29 - Pretty, quiet, door slam
0:59 - door slam again, coins jingling
2:18 - Deep conversations, maybe raining?
2:39 - Lots of footsteps, chairs moving?
5:10 - end of first song, clapping
5:24 - "Only 3 people have heard this song"
6:00 - Low dance pulse beneath everything?
8:00 - Someone whooping in the distance
13:00 - Will Stratton takes the stage
15:37 - electric pop
22:57 - Jordan Michael hustling people to drink alcohol
25:05 - giggling into some of the mics

May the research commence.

BREAKING! New PARTY LAB pictures here, from G Lucas Crane in ROTTERDAM

Thank you for all the love and support!

Alison and The Silent Barn Family