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Welcome to the NEW Silent Barn

Sweet land of milk and honey!  It's official.  The Silent Barn has
signed a 10 year lease with extension option on a beautiful, massive property in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  The address is
603 Bushwick, a few blocks from the Myrtle-Broadway JMZ stop.  It is 10,000 square feet, 3 storeys, mixed use, legally occupiable and COMPLETELY INSANE.  In addition to nightly concerts, Silent Barn will now be home to over a dozen studios for artists and entrepreneurs, 8 residential tenants, and a large community garden.

This space surpasses the wildest ambitions we ever had for what the Silent Barn can achieve.  We are ecstatic.  This past year has been grueling; we have been working so hard as spiritual hobos since we were forced to leave our former home.  That made us stronger.  As an team, Silent Barn is smarter and more organized than ever. Without exaggeration, this new space makes the entire ordeal of the past year worth the wait - if everything happens for a reason, then 603 Bushwick is the reason why 915 Wyckoff was vacated last June.  The community that supported us in the wake of our disastrous demise at 915 Wyckoff and the Kickstarter drive that followed raised the Silent Barn to a higher level of accountability than ever in our 8 year history - after a year, we are ready to fully respond to that accountability.


This lease comes hand in hand with a renovation contract - construction is scheduled for the next month and a half and we plan to host our first concerts in late December.  Our volunteer team has expanded quickly in the past month and we will continue to need new volunteers to help "make this house a home", as Luther Vandross says.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Barn Exam

Additionally, if you would like to help us fund this ambitious project, you can send money through Paypal via the Barnacle system.    

We are currently accepting applications for residential and stewdios tenants - please feel free to apply to both - they are separate applications: 

Stewdios Application

Residence Application

Bearing in mind that we won't host concerts for about 2 months, get in touch with us about bookings in the future at - we are mobilizing and building relationships with curators and promoters so we can hit the ground running.  
  For general questions, comments and LOLs, email
To keep track of what's new, we'll be updating our facebook and regularly.  

Volunter Call Out

Silent Barn is in need of some help! We currently need a new: 

Meeting Chef
-Organizes the meeting structure of the Silent Barn Kitchen (internal group of peeps)
-Keeps track of time during meetings
-Takes immaculate notes
-Reads emails and points out discussion topics for the meetings

This is a VERY crucial position right now and we need someone on top of it.... with good vibes :D

Also, anyone that has experience with the Department of Buildings, fire codes, or insurance policies, please email us at:

The Barnacle   The Queens Museum of Art

As a means of funding the new Silent Barn we have created a new experimental form of currency: The Barnacle.

No, not those. The Barnacle is a wooden disk with a red silkscreened heptagon on it surrounded by a red yarn fringe. Or something like that.

What we do know is that The Barnacle is based on the concept of The Heptagon. Almost anything cut into a particular heptagon will do. In our attempt to program even creative economics into our new wacky utopia, and in the grand tradition of the Ithaca Hour we are issuing The Barnacle, a new subscription to events and food and small objects in our gigantic complex. Like drink tickets, but for everything. Getting a Barnacle subscription is like buying beer or roasted garlic on a stick or bucket of cherry tomatos or admittance to a show or scrambled eggs or anything in our new space into the future. Its a way to help support the Silent Barn, buit its also supporting your future good times in the Silent Barn. They can be collected, traded and exchanged for goods an services between people experiencing a new silent barn. 

Silent Barn - $1000 Donation - 1 Year Barnacle Subscription Package

Silent Barn - $500 Donation - 6 month Barnacle Subscription

Silent Barn - $ 250 Donation - 3 month Barnacle Subscription


We were recently highly honored to recieve the following letter from Prerana Reddy, Director of Public Events at the Queens Museum of Art

"To Whom it May Concern,

As the Public Events Director of the Queens Museum of Art (QMA), I am responsible for building partnerships and collaborations with local community based organizations to further the Museum’s mission of presenting the highest quality visual arts and education programming for people in the New York metropolitan area, particularly for the residents of Queens, a uniquely diverse ethnic, cultural and international community.

I’m writing in support of the work of Silent Barn, a long-time hub for audiovisual experimentation and a model for building an independent artistic community in NYC. Even though they lost their original venue, the wealth of support for their mission allowed them to raise $40,000 through an online campaign to find a new home. While searching for a new venue, they continued artistic and musical programming at alternative spaces in Ridgweood to enthusiastic audiences. In May 2012, QMA partnered with Silent Barn for an art crawl event entitled “Actually, It’s Ridgewood,” highighting the burgeoning art community in that neighborhood Silent Barn hosted a concluding panel with many important artist-run spaces in Brooklyn and Queens, and the challenges of changing venues and neighborhoods. I believe this thoughtfulness and care about the context where they work mkae them expemplary neighbodhood partners.

We look forward to a continued working relationship with the Silent Barn in their new location, and would like to convey our support for the organization as they enter the next phase of their development."

We cannot express our gratitude enough for these kind words.


We would never have made it here without those of you who donated to our Kickstarter last year. Thank you for all your support.

For those of you who will be receiving the collection of 10 lovingly packaged cassettes from Partylab, we just wanted to show you that those tapes are being meticulously packaged and prepared for distribution. Each cassette has a hand made and unique insert.

Please email us if you are one of the donors who is supposed to receive these tapes and you have changed address.

Or check out the Party Lab Tumblr and download some classic Silent Barn show.

The Barn Book   The Barn Exam

As part of our fundraising for the new Silent Barn we have created a Barn Book to show to potential donors. You can download the PDF version here.

Or you can check out this totally awesome, one of a kind version made by the amazing Julie Jamora.


Every so often we get awesome ideas submitted to as potential Silent Barn projects to the Barn Exam. This weeks favorite is: Hip Hopera! "A hip hop orchestra with strictly classical instruments."

It would probaby go a little something like this:

If you have an idea for an awesome project that could be a part of the new Silent Barn, or if you just like to offer your help in general, please take the Barn Exam. Let us know all about yourself and join in the fun.

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