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Nicole at the Silent Barn
    Reading 'zines at Beach Camp

In working of this newsletter we keep finding things we totally forgot about. For example this video by Julien Jauniaux about Nicole Hale's playing the old Silent Barn.

This video is a fascinating time capsule of the Silent Barn at the time. Featuring much younger versions of many of our current members (Jordan Micheal and Joe Ahearn).

Where we ever so young?

Looking at the show flyer for that evening,

We wanted to showcase some of the other performances from that evening. Here are some photos of Freddy Fudd Pucker.

Photos courtesy Sing Aoi

And a video of PAPS's performance.



In going through organizing and cataloging the Ditko! Zine Library as seen here in its previous form.

I discovered the 'zine Beach Camp by Chelsea Hodson. Which had its release back in 2010 at the old Silent Barn as part of a show which also featuring Weekend / CNTRL TOP.

The 'zine is packages inside a small paper bag containing both the 'zine itself and a poster. As can be seen here.

Beach Camp is best described in this review by Jason Diamond:

"BEACH CAMP, a story collection by Chelsea Hodson, explores a space detached from the mainland—an island where girls sleep in cabins without walls, throw chicken nuggets across the cafeteria, threaten towel-wearing boys, and go looking for the buffalo. Hodson separates her journey into tidy sections shorter than the time it takes a counselor to say I will arrange a boat to take you off this island tonight so help me God."

You should also check out the trailer Hodson made for the 'zine.

Volunteers of Brooklyn


The Stewdio Tour

The Silent Barn needs you... Yes! You!

As we approach signing a lease on our new space we've run into all kinds of practical concerns, and this is where you might of tremendous help to us. The Silent Barn is looking for both a Licensed Structural Engineer and a Licensed Architect to help us finalize out final build out.

We are also in need of a Materials Chef. Someone who can help us transport large building materials to our new site. If you have a pickup truck, we have an open position for you.

Lastly, we will be doing a ton of build out on our new space and will need a large group of volunteers to help us with that construction. If you think you would be interested in helping us with the physical construction of our space please let us know.

For any of these positions, please contact:



We found it. The Silent Barn has nearly closed on a ten year lease with extension option on our new home.  Located in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, this 10,000 sq. ft. space can house eight legal residents in apartments above a first floor with a large concert hall opening to a yard as well as rooms large enough to fit at a dozen art studios. 

But don't take my word for it. Check out this video of us exploring the space.

But right now we need YOU to help us fill our studio and residential spaces with awesome people. Learn more right here . Tell your friends, have them tell their friends. We're excited to get the new Silent Barn of the ground, but even more excited to have YOU be apart of it

We've already had people coming up with ideas such as a Barbershop / Records Store and a Comic Book Shop to add to usual stew of projects. Check out our map of the space and imagine all the cool things you do in out new space.

And hey, we're not the only ones who are pumped. Check out these write ups in The Village Voice and Impose Magazine.


Want more Silent Barn?



Oscar's Weekend of CNTRL     Silent Barn Lore

As discussed above, the Beach Camp release was also part of a show featuring Lichens / Soft Circle / Weekend / CNTRL TOP.

Here are a few photos of that evening:

Check out Jordan working the Partylab system located above the old 'zine library.

And of course our old buddy Oscar

photos courtesy The Village Voice


Speaking of the good old days, did you ever have a good time at The Silent Barn? Of course you did. And we're tired of talking about ourselves so much. So why don't you tell us about an awesome time you had there.

Where you maybe this guy (Silent Barn's own Jordan Micheal)?

Or perhaps this gal?

Photos courtesyMaks Suski

Okay, were you maybe at the Anamanaguchi / Starscream / Fiasco show where these photos were taken.



Videos courtesy Brooklyn Vegan

Or maybe you just have a good story you'd like to share about being at The Silent Barn. Please email us so we can add your story to our next newsletter.

I promise I will use a new show for this section soon.

Grime Time
    Kickstarter Tapes

So following up on our last newsletter, and the long lost footage of cleaning up the Silent Barn bathroom, we have… more footage of cleaning the bathroom!

This video courtesy our good friend Maks Suski.

Not that the bathroom didn't have it's charms

Photo courtesy Derek Morton.


Hey Kickstarter Donors! Good news!

For those of you who will be receiving the collection of 10 lovingly packaged cassettes from Partylab, we just wanted to show you that those tapes are being meticulously packaged and prepared for distribution. Each cassette has a hand made and unique insert.

Featuring this special message:

Please email us if you are one of the donors who is supposed to receive these tapes and you have changes address.