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On August 25th, The Silent Barn was proud to hold it 4th Public Meeting at the Greater Ridgewood Youth Council.

We discussed the idea of "ALL AGES," and exploring the continuum of engaging youth in the arts! What is the impact of an all ages venue? Why are they important in New York? Why should you be all ages? Why would you choose not to be all ages? What are the risks? What are the benefits to creative and local communities? How do you fund an all-ages venture? Who is in charge? Who makes decisions? Who composes the organization? How do you enforce rules? Do you program/curate specifically for and with young people?

Our panelist included:
JOE AHEARN: Showpaper, Silent Barn
BOB TEMPIN: (Greater Ridgewood Youth Council
SAM HILLMER: Representing NYC, Zs
LIZ HOGG: Beach Arabs
KING SHAS: Hieroglyph Thesaurus
RACHEL TRACHTENBURG: Supercute!, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Silent Barn member Brandon Zwaggerman shot live video of the event which you can watch here.

Of course if you could just read the shorter and actually amazing coverage of the event we received in the Ridegwood Times Newsweekly. But let's get your started on that with a choice quote.

" The meeting, moderated by Silent Barn’s Alison Sirico, began with a question posed to the three musicians on how they are able to perform at venues...

Liz Hogg, an 18-year-old guitarist who has been performing since she was 14, noted that it’s harder to invite groups of friends to over-21 venues then they are underage, while all-ages venues make it “easier to make progress in every respect of being a band.” Hogg and Douglas’ hip-hop group would both perform in between discussions. "

This is so much what we have striven to do as The Silent Barn that it even in out mission statement.

"The Silent Barn is an multi-functional all-ages art incubation space in an outer borough of New York City. It operates a daily all-ages events venue, facilitating music, performing arts, and other events; it acts as an experimental sandbox for a wide variety of social and interactive projects; and it hosts a residency program for artists of all ages who may benefit from living directly at the center of public art and performance activity."


So in going back and forth on the draft of the lease for our new space we discovered this passage.

"No obscene or pornographic material (pornographic material is defined for purposes of this Article as any written or pictorial matter with prurient appeal or any objects of instrument that are primarily concerned with lewd or prurient sexual activity (obscene material is defined here as it is in Penal Law '235.00), or conducting or permitting to be conducted any obscene, nude, or semi-nude live performances on the Demised Premises or any other part of the Building, or permitting use of the Demised Premises or any other part of the Building for nude modeling, rap sessions, or as a so- called rubber goods shops, or as a sex club of any sort, or as a 'massage parlor.'"

No rap sessions? Then how are we going to do something like this again?

The Silent Barn might be a bit dorky. But we are certainly not a book club. Well maybe sometimes...

Phoo courtesy Collen Frakes

Clearly this needs to be deleted from out lease draft.




This video of Unstopable Death Machines at the Silent Barn comes from Maks Suski, who writes:

"This video was taken at Silent Barn with the crowd going all in to play. Japanther is in the crowd playing too. Its these kind of moments that only happen once in a lifetime."

Photo courtesy Richard Gin

You can also download the entire Ritz Riot / Vacation / Filthy Savage / Unstoppable Death Machines show from the Party Lab Tumblr

Actually, here is some video of Ritz Riot from that very same show


Speaking of the good old days, did you ever have a good time at The Silent Barn? Of course you did. And we're tired of talking about ourselves so much. So why don't you tell us about an awesome time you had there.

Where you maybe this guy?

No? Hows about this fellow?

Photos courtesy Leia Jospe

Okay, we maybe you were at the Anamanaguchi, / Starscream / Fiasco show where these photos were taken.

 Video courtesy Brooklyn Vegan

Or maybe you just have a good story you'd like to share about being at The Silent Barn. Please email us so we can add your story to our next newsletter.


Every so often we get awesome ideas submitted to as potential Silent Barn projects to the Barn Exam. This weeks favorite is for Haircut Hapenings. Haircuts and DJ sets

If you have an idea for an awesome project that could be a part of the new Silent Barn, or if you just like to offer your help in general, please take the Barn Exam. Let us know all about yourself and join in the fun.

We've also had someone suggest a 70's Zombie Disco party.

Sadly it wasn't zombie MJ.


We found it. The Silent Barn has nearly closed on a ten year lease with extension option on our new home.  Located in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, this 10,000 sq. ft. space can house eight legal residents in apartments above a first floor with a large concert hall opening to a yard as well as rooms large enough to fit at a dozen art studios. 

But don't take my word for it. Check out this video of us exploring the space.

But right now we need YOU to help us fill our studio and residential spaces with awesome people. Learn more right here . Tell your friends, have them tell their friends. We're excited to get the new Silent Barn of the ground, but even more excited to have YOU be apart of it

We've already had people coming up with ideas such as a Barbershop / Records Store and a Comic Book Shop to add to usual stew of projects. Check out our map of the space and imagine all the cool things you do in out new space.
And hey, we're not the only ones who are pumped. Check out these write ups in The Village Voice and Impose Magazine.


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