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Silent Barn Newsletter
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The biggest issue on our plates here at the "Silent Bivouac" is finding a new permanent home.  We have set our sights high for this one - we're attempting to become NYC's first legal live-in DIY venue, and so we're considering mixed use spaces with both commercial and residential accommodations.  Since we're basically looking for the exact opposite of what every sane person looks for in a property in this city, it's proving to be a rare bird.  Nonetheless, we have a lot of possibilities cooking and we're hoping for the best.

We've had a few near misses - we saw a few great spaces in Williamsburg/Greenpoint that are out of our budget.  We saw a loft space in Bushwick that was a bit too small and had neighbors too close by.  We saw a perfect space right off Myrtle-Broadway, but then learned some of the legal details were a bit off.

At this point, we're working with several realtors who have a good idea of our needs and who are regularly giving us fresh listings.  We've also begun negotiations with a company that buys properties with renter's needs specifically in mind.  We've had a ton of help from folks going out on bikes to be our street-level eyes and ears.

You can help too!  If you see any "for rent" signs on a building that seems like it could have commercial and residential accommodations (generally, you'll find commercial on the ground floor and residential upstairs...), send us the phone number and address and we'll follow up on it!

We thought it would be fun to host a real estate scavenger hunt! Click here to print the Scavenger Hunt work sheet! 

We know it's frustrating and confusing to have a successful fundraiser and then no venue to show for it - please be patient with us.  We're working hard to find a perfect and permanent spot for Silent Barn.  The wait will be worth it.

Real Estate

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Hey, we're building a website! <>. We'd love for you to help the process by uploading any images, videos, audio, or text you have about the Silent Barn to our Media Aggregator: <>. Just click the red upload button (next to CREATE) and type in some context/credits about your file.

Party Lab At Clocktower

Party Lab <> has found a new home at the Clocktower Gallery <>. For the unfamiliar, Party Lab tapes capture the show, the spilled beers and pick up lines, the jokes, quips, insights, fights and romances that flow through a night. Our new lab at the Clocktower gallery is built to document these audio anomalies in a catalogue of what actually happens when a room contains friends, foes, lovers and strangers. We're now scheduling lab techs to document the archive (no previous experience required). You can get in touch with Joe Ahearn <> for the schedule.
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An update from the Paesthetics team:

Paesthetics LLC

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We're collecting memories!! Click here to answer a few questions about your experiences at Silent Barn! 

Haven't taken the BARN EXAM yet? Click here to get started! 

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Thanks again for the continuing support! If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns be sure to send them our way! It's all coming together, thanks to dedicated friends, family and fans.

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