posted Nov 19, 2011, 6:54 AM by Kunal Gupta   [ updated May 25, 2012, 1:13 PM by Robin Enrico ]
A lot of activity is happening!  Locations have been scouted, bank accounts have been created, a new plan for the website has been discussed.

We’ve started asking new questions.
Should Silent Barn become a Bed and Breakfast?
What can we do with a lot of extra space?
What are foods that folds?

Everyone should start to expect more newsletters and facebook updates. We’’ve been doing a lot that we are excited about and want to share it with you as soon and as much as possible.  Below is an update from each team.


To everyone that supported us through Kickstarter, thank you all for being so patient! We've been focusing almost the entirety of our attention on real estate, since this project means very little without a physical space, but we're as excited to make stickers and cassettes and t-shirts as I'm sure you all are to receive them and we'll be working on getting some of the rewards ready to mail out before the new year




While Silent Barn is yet to settle on a new home, we're negotiating on some very interesting possibilities.

One of these properties meets many of our needs, but is large and
expensive.  We're interested in the possibility of hosting an
organization or project within Silent Barn - much in the way that
Babycastles, Partylab and Ditko! have been integrated into our home in
the past.

Do you (or do you potentially) know an organization that wants to
share a home with Silent Barn?  Come join our family!  Some major
possibilities might be an art gallery, a fabrication company (think
Death By Audio's guitar pedal company) - but don't let me tell you
what to do - we're very open-minded and want something strange and
interesting!  Rent is negotiable based on space needs, etc.  Send your
pitch to and we'll give you more details on the space and rap about the future.


Be a part of Silent Barn history by participating in the hunt for our new location! Not sure how you can help? What are you doing this Saturday, November 19th? Join the Silent Barn Bike Crew as we adventure into the streets of Brooklyn!  We will meet around noon, split into teams, review our bike routes and off we go! Each crew will receive a map that includes bike friendly routes, landmarks, pit stops, and more! After you finish your route meet us at our final destination to relay any information about the spaces you've found, mingle with friends and have a bite to eat- on us! Interested yet? For more information on how to join visit our facebook event page! Sign up today!

-Nat and Katie


With the input of Silent Barn originator Matthew Mehlan and Silent Barn Keeper of Lore G. Lucas Crane, Silent Barn has voted to include a "Bed & Breakfast" project.

Voting proceeded as follows:

"Yes to the bed and breakfast. It's fun to think of that as our Major responsibility. Planks of wood with dowel legs that fit into the bottom, for cots. All yakitori. Club mate and chuhi. Eggs. I tried to Skype merokun last night. And send a fun video. But in doing so, I SET THE FIRE ALARM OFF, in the building. Necessitating lots of frantic Dutch. And running."

And FINALLY, we set up a new bank account with Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union just next to Myrtle & Wyckoff, reuniting the funds that the Silent Barn raised from its community right back with its original neighborhood, after a brief state of limbo in the Amazon Payments system. That feels good! Thank you! The Silent Barn bank account is managed by the Paesthetics LLC organization.  Right now, the Paesthetics LLC organization's mission statement is to manage these funds towards building a new and long-lasting Silent Barn.



We are currently developing a website for the Silent Barn. The project goal is to create a 'Publicly Up-datable Silent Barn Meme Repository'. More details to come soon! In the meantime, let us know if you have any terrifying, hilarious, confusing or appealing gems to contribute from the Silent Barn's past. Want more info? Check out a communiqué from our resident Lore Specialist G. Lucas Crane.



8:54 - Recorder (?) being played over from somewhere else in the house
10:23 - wild scratch technique
12:34 - things seem to be going Indian of some sort
15:10 - Cypress Hill
16:44 - nice transfer
18:44 - tempo goes screwy
22:19 - someone yells something about sleeping?
Grand Wizard Theodore, 4.19.11
The Silent Barn

Party Lab, Sabisha Friedberg / Maria Chavez / Nonhorse /...
Sabisha Friedberg / Maria Chavez / Nonhorse / Grand Wizard Theodore 4.9.11 Download sets here: for a copy.

Thank you for all the support.

And after reading this if you are interested in helping out, take the BARN EXAM. Click here to get started! 

Alison & everyone at the Silent Barn.