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To all our supporters, 

It hasn't been an easy journey since we were forced to relocate last summer, but  
the past couple of weeks have been inspirational.We attended  community board meetings, which were both welcoming and interested in the project.  We held a public meeting that made us proud to be part of such a supportive community. We  discovered a couple diamond in the rough rental properties that have real potential. 

We hope to pass the few road  blocks that stand in our way of obtaining space, and move forward in our mission to create an amazing, all ages, 100% legal, DIY music venue.

Thank you for all your patience and support. We hope to find a new home soon!

The Silent Barn 


Here's our roadmap designed by Joe Ahearn. 
  1. To find the right building, we need to know what we can afford
  2. To know what we can afford, we need a quote range from a bank
  3. To get a quote range from a bank, we need to display credit 
  4. To display credit, we need better credit paperwork
  5. To get better credit paperwork, we need to sign up a guarantor
  6. To sign up a guarantor, we need to establish a legal/financial relationship with them
  7. To establish that, I suggest we add them as a member of Paesthetics LLC
  8. To add members to Paesthetics, we need to adopt Eli's Notes on Decision Making
We have adopted Eli's Notes on Decision Making, a legal framework for voting, membership, and ownership of the Silent Barn organization, Paesthetics LLC.
We are now ready to ask one of you in our community to join the Silent Barn as a guarantor on a property lease or mortgage.

As a guarantor, you would be an equal member in our legal organization, Paesthetics LLC, 
joining Nathaniel Roe, Joe Ahearn, G. Lucas Crane, Jordan Michael, and Kunal Gupta.

As a member of Paesthetics LLC, you would co-own our bank account, property, debts, liabilities, 
and advise the path of the Silent Barn community into the future.

Obviously, this is a serious commitment in both directions.
We can discuss our long-term vision, 
the properties we are excited about, 
our scalable operating budget and financial plan,
our horizontal organization structure and voting system, 
and at the very least, we would appreciate your advice.
And if all of us feel truly confident about being chums in this madness,
then we can have our wedding at the Gottscheer Hall!

As always, thanks to everybody in our community for their inspiring support.   
We are dedicated to establishing a permanent home for Silent Barn that can serve the community for years to come,
If any of you in the new york arts and music community have a strong credit background that you would be interested in bringing to the Silent Barn, please write us at and let's talk a lot.


Two more rental properties are emerging as potential spaces.

A couple of days ago, Brandon walked by an available  (rental and commercial) space near his apartment in Ridgewood. He called the number on the window and a handful of us ended up seeing the space on Friday evening.

The space is located in the heart of Ridgewood not far from the Husk. The asking price is reasonable.  Logistically, it is everything we need in a legal, DIY music and arts venue. 

The second space we are looking at is located in Prospect Heights. It’s on the higher end of our budget. Ginny saw the space and she was pretty jazzed. It’s a rental, zoned for mixed use, with an awesome landlord. It’s next to an empty lot and has a roof terrace. 


Initially, we set out to rent a mixed-use Commercial/Residential building to continue the Silent Barn mission in a new building, legally buffered against shutdown by authorities, and become a new, public venue representing the same people and the same principles that inhabited the old, secret venue.

It turned out really, really, difficult to find a single mixed-use property with all floors available for rent in the same phase - and after more than half a year of that search, the Silent Barn began exploring property purchasing as the more likely and possibly cheaper alternative.  We started exploring relationships with community banks towards mortgage, understood our purchasing capacity, and prepared our legal framework to collaboratively include a potential guarantor for our mortgage as an official part of our legal organization, all steps towards finally purchasing one of many available and suitable properties for sale in NY and build the Silent Barn as a PERMANENT LANDMARK of NY. What a dream!

But the whole roadmap for that process is at least months away before completion, if not much much longer - even at a breakneck pace of real estate and legal work with teams of volunteers involved - it will not happen anytime soon.

In the meantime, our ever-expanding and powerful Real Estate team at Silent Barn has begun to stumble across affordable properties for lease in New York in very ideal situation, just the needles in a haystack we couldn't find months earlier, just after we thought we had abandoned realisitc hope of a rental situation.

Kind of at a decision road-block here.   Purchasing property was never in Silent Barn's mission statement (, that project was borne out of necessity and it is quite slow - but it came with a dream, the dream of being a permanent landmark in New York City, which is AWESOME.

However, I'm inclined personally to think that if a property for lease is available, the risk in our investment is so much lower in taking that path (at worst, breaking a lease), and that Silent Barn as an organization is neither mature nor powerful enough to really consider the best property for a landmark locaiton in New York City, nor even recognize it when we see it.  Despite recent urging and tons of work towards a purchase, I think that perhaps a location on lease can still be the correct way to continue, for the time being - and the landmark dream is one of the future, if we do have the luck to choose a leased location right now.

What are your thoughts? JOIN THE CONVERSATION 
◊ Kunal

\\//||\\//  PROJECT IDEA OF THE WEEK \\//||\\// 

                LITTLE ANIMAL SOUNDS

sound installation - little animal sounds from little speakers hidden in corners and the bathroom


I want to meet/work with more like-minded artists and musicians who were part of the Barn in the past. Since the Barn was ransacked, I've come to realize just how much the community there meant to me and how disconnected from it I feel now. I need to be reconnected! Honestly, because I never felt like the Barn was going anywhere, I didn't extend my connections from it outside of it. So now I sit alone in my apartment writing songs and making art and nobody cares. It is quite sad. So let's fix that ASAP. Some sort of town hall-esque meeting or something less formal might help? I don't honestly know.


Public Meeting, Photos by Brandon Zwagerman
Commentary by G. Lucas Crane

Hypothesis: In the case of topics that seem to be about all things and vibes, its better to try and talk about such subtle things than to guard your hip secrets

Gottcheer hall was taken over, but not outdone. The place is steeped in relaxed personality. The old wood floors and walls do the talking. I felt like I was going to work, high-fiving the staff, and preparing for some soul gazing. Upstairs, the grove of trees was being installed next to the mini-bar run by Basil. I unfurled flowerpot microphones. 

The panel discussion was upstairs in the little conference room, set up to look like a book signing, with chairs facing a big table covered in mics. Downstairs was show stuff, show people; bands milling about eating and tending to their moods, sound equipment shenanigans, hugs.

The Panel discussion seemed like a new thing and everyone was excited. not the concept of talking, surely, or even the concept of talking in public, but in just a room full of people who are fun to hang out with but who usually don't hang out exactly together. New York keeps you busy. It felt good and super dorky to talk about this stuff unabashed. to even try. "DIY: Is it a thing?" well, is it? Is there a common ground? Is everyone looking for something or looking for their something? "I prefer the acronym DWO rather than DIY" said Jason from Flux. "Lets remember that we have the community effect we are looking for through our physical space itself" said David from Bowery Poetry Club. I quickly realized that we needed a lot more time to unpack the details of our similarities and differences, and that Panel discussions would be well served with an hour running time, but we all got to talk, and I think the experience was positive and a format for us, for us all, to explore. talking publicly. Everyone involved in curating and nurturing underground culture surely talks a lot, and this attempt to talk about these issues publicly is a new skill. these are show-house livingroom discussions of the world. live 3D Internet. scary and
dorky and wild. So after the first panel I saw the use of doing this at all. It was positive vibes. Everyone involved  had been around for a number of years and have had to bridge the time between having space, existing abstractly and find new homes and keeping the fun organic and the discussion flowing. everyone could speak to new york city changing and keeping your eye on the prize.

Then ACLU benefit played and the chandelier was big and bright. Small rabbits leaped in the background of Ava Luna. 

Upstairs, the next panel discussion was focused less on moving spaces, and space abstractly, but on curation and the collective experience. I think we all got to show our personalities, and subsequently the personalities of the collectives we represented and speak to the how to keep your collective healthy. david from the clocktower spoke about encroaching bureaucratic complications with becoming bigger and bigger over time. Spectacle Theater spoke about constantly redefining one's curation ideas. Kate from Wham city just got back from Haiti and spoke about involving people outside your friends and becoming more than just a google group. It was a little looser, with more jokes, but well, it was the later one.

Twin Sister jam'd, i ate a late sausage, and talked excitedly about christian Slater. Someone asked me if we needed a lawyer and I said, "we need everyone and everything, but yes". it was raining. I had 100 pounds of tapes to pack up. The Tree Grove came down. Basil packed up for the night "why would anyone put seven pennies in my tip jar?" he asked genuinely confused. "i think they were just disorganized" i replied. 

Ridgewood feels good. 

Conclusion: more public talks that respect both subject matter and attention span, coupled with the performing and visual arts. people are way better at talking than they think. talking is quicker than even the Internet. I talk like i touch-type.  

For more information about the public meeting. Check out our project site. It includes informational zines. 

For deeper insight listen to the audio of the panels here: 

Or if your looking for something a little different, watch this video by Kyle Marler.

Dictionary Grove, Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor & G Lucas Crane


Ginny Benson is from New Jersey. She works at Roulette. She's currently in Mexico. Check out her radio show:

To design a logo email:

WORD OF THE WEEK: Stunt Booking verb

The counter-intuitive booking of performances/events/gatherings with the intention of “seeing what happens”, out of curiosity. Only done with a spirit of hopeful innocent optimism or hopeful frantic desperation and works best with two floors and two stages. Encourages cross scene exposure and random social mixing. Punks making out with hippies.

 If you are interested in volunteering please take the BARN Exam 
.At the moment we are specifically looking for people to help out with: Grants, Fundraising, Financial help, Mortgage advice, Web Design, Realty (or people involved in real estate), Law, as well as people who could offer pro bono work as Architects and Expeditors. We are also looking for a guarantor to enable us to sign a mortgage for potential properties for sale. If you are interested in helping out at all please feel free to email us at or take the BARNExam and express your specific interests!