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Word of the Day

"Kitchen" - noun The code word for when a project or idea is "active". The mental place we actively operate projects in. Bands used to play in our Kitchen, AND food was cooked in the Kitchen. There’s nothing you can’t do in a kitchen. It’s full of tools and activity and potential. Anyone who enters is a potential chef. The Kitchen is easy to clean, great surfaces.


Silent Barn has been making tremendous headway the past 3 weeks.  Email threads have bursting at the seams.  

To get an overview of the progress, check out our Silent Barn Meeting Notes.




       SILENT BARN PUBLIC MEETING               

We are excited to announce that we are going to hold a Public Meeting on March 2nd. The purpose of this meeting is to answer any questions you may have about our progress while we are still looking for a permanent space to call home. This is the first of a series of Silent Barn public meetings, which we think of as an experiment in group participation! 


★ $7 - $20 Sliding Scale Donation
★ 8pm - 2am @ The Gottscheer Hall 
★ 657 Fairview Avenue ( M to Forest Avenue, L to Myrtle/Wyckoff )


This is an opportunity for us to share all of our progress with you in person, and hear your thoughts. This is an opportunity to think about, talk about, and collaborate to imagine the future of DIY art culture in New York, including the some-day real new Silent Barn. This is an opportunity for you to get directly involved in many new Silent Barn projects and put your hands in with us. This is an opportunity for all to be a host again to an incredible music moment in New York, such as Ava Luna's release party for their new record on Infinite Best. This is an opportunity get down to business with the finest krainerwurst in all of Queens, at the Gottscheer Hall.

Get ready to schuhplattle


We finished a new album, "Ice Level," and now it's time to show it to everyone we know. Every time we've finished a record, we've held a release show at the Silent Barn... so for Ice Level, we're proud to celebrate at the first Public Meeting. I'm imagining everyone I know and love and respect gathered together, just like on Wyckoff -- this isn't a permanent space but it's a beautiful step in that direction. and I wouldn't dream of showing our album to our friends for the first time in any other setting. 

We just finished a month of touring with Twin Sister and are extremely excited that they're playing with us... and believe it or not, ACLU Benefit played with us at our very first record release show, in the basement of Silent Barn in 2009. This all makes so much sense! - Ava Luna


As part of this public meeting, we'd like to bring together the insight and experience of other arts & music organizations in New York City. The practice of being a space for cultural acitivity is always in evolution. Every year, we try to understand art as it it emerges, and how to be a home for new kinds of art; how to maintain cultural meaning in a new space; the evolving forms of support for DIY art; how to handle financial and legal relationships; how our city goverment will choose to relate to us; how being a venue will improve the city and for whom; what makes us stable in our vision and what makes us vulnerable; the kinds of communities that can be a part of our space; our direct relationship to our neighborhood; the value of our real estate; the value of our history; and the general cultural path of our city. 

As we envision the next Silent Barn, and as we envision the next New York City, it will valuable to share our stories, speak our opinions, learn from everybody here, and take a look together at the larger cultural patterns in New York. 

If you’d like to participate in this discussion, please email!


Over 100 people have submitted incredible and absurd project ideas to our BARN EXAM and this is our first chance to take this 3D! We're soliciting project proposals for the evening — from art installations to social experiment parties — to create a larger discussion about projects that might live in the future Silent Barn space, and in any of the performance and art spaces throughout Brooklyn.

We're currently developing even more opportunities for feedback throughout the night, from help wanted tear-outs in the bathroom to a quick door poll about what is important to you all in the new Silent Barn, so feel free to jump in and be part of the process at:


G Lucas Crane and James Clark will be manning a mobile Party Lab setup to help take minutes for this meeting experiment, by hiding mics in flower pots throughout Gotscheer Hall. They will also have a LISTENING STATION set up for new techs, as well as having past data analysis available for review. Posters of our new Party Lab plans for the future Silent Barn space will also be on view!


We've been publishing our meetings' minutes and progress newsletters for some time now, but the internet really just doesn't cut it. We'll have all our chefs (volunteers that handle different projects) on hand to help answer questions and talk about issues we're dealing with.


Nick Chatfield-Taylor and G. Lucas Crane team up to help share some of our vocabulary with the general public, cassette-style. Check out a sneak peek of Nick's trees at the final Parts and Labor show this weekend!  

        ⬠ FROM THE ARCHIVES ⬠ ⬠            

ACLU Benefit live @ The Silent Barn 1/9/11
Can you catch it? The Clap! The Clap!

Ava Luna at Silent Barn Nov. 2010
Read the full article/ more pictures Here.

Twin Sister at Silent Barn.
Here's a recording of their live set at the space on 7/21/08

        ⬠ PROJECT IDEAS              


 A DJ Night/Dance Party populated only by the hits of our forefathers, including 60's RnB, 70's disco and 80's funk, with a heaping dose of glitzy smooth white soul thrown in for good measure.

Also have an idea that would involve the creation of a hulking behemoth corporation of art producers and executives with the sole motivation of profit and world domination. If you're interested get back at me and maybe we can collaborate.


Definitely trying to nail TV Wall (Do you remember the original failed attempt Joe?) I still have a bag full of CDRs filled with random images from randos, and they are rather beautiful. I have ideas of how to make this project happen smoother and fuller. 

I've also been toying with another conceptual show that involves bands collaborating by writing and performing simultaneous sets that compliment each other. This is kind of a music theory nerd off, where the notes of the song one band is playing blend into a chord with the notes the other is playing, the songs are separate yet blend into a sweet tasting musical stew at times, and form a harsh wall of noise at other times. I have ideas of bands I think would work together. The show would need a lot of notice because it involves each artist making music that would only be played at this particular event. I'd love to talk more about this idea. 

Get a Psychological Reading. Take the Barn Exam.

       ⬠ LOGO ARTIST         

Greem Jellyfish plays drums and screams for BEEF. She adopted a cat from Silent Barn's next door neighbor one brutal summer night of 2010.
 Soon the rescued cat was named The Cat with a middle name,Gimmari. Recently Ms. Jellyfish gave The Gimmari Cat a nick name, Silly.

If you want to design the next logo email me at