posted Nov 30, 2011, 11:18 PM by Alison Sirico   [ updated May 25, 2012, 1:13 PM by Robin Enrico ]
Silent Barn Newsletter
At the last Silent Barn meeting, we began to hammer out questions like:
How can we involve the community? Should we participate in all major block parties?
Should website development be public or private? Can we possibly be a Co-op? 
How can we administrate the space and projects on a larger scale?


We’ve decided to make our silent barn meeting notes public in reaction to the amount of people invested in the project (financially, emotionally, physically, intellectually). 
The last few weeks we’ve made gigantic strides and foresee many advancements in the near future.
We are all pretty excited about the general direction of the Silent Barn.

Here’s a brief synopsis of topics discussed on Monday, Nov. 28 
Read them here in the The Silent Barn Minute

Remember Dan Deacon's Silent Barn Commandments?

Dan Deacon @ The Silent Barn

The Silent Barn house rules, as established by Dan Deacon in 2007.

1. If you're anywhere near the band, finish your drinks before the show starts, so no one gets electrocuted
2. Remember that this is someone's house, so don't do any nasty shit
2. Actually dance, don't just beat the shit out of each other. If you feel the urge to push someone, just put your arms in the air and push false giants
3. Guard the speaker towers with your life
4. When the music starts, be the most you can be.
5. Pretend it's 2006, wear your sweaters proudly.
We're currently installing a Party Lab Research Facility at the Clocktower Gallery in Manhattan. Our audio monitoring and digitization setup is almost fully operational, but we're lacking a tape deck (crucial!). Are you a Shhhbarner with a tape deck? Could you donate it to the continued Research and Development of the Party Lab Archives? 
Please let us know! Email us at

If you'd like to be further involved, we could use a hand finishing setup at the Clocktower. Once complete we'll be releasing a publicly available sign up schedule for Lab Techs to create Archival Reports, duplicate tapes, edit audio and more.

Data analysis on The Silent Barn's cassette archives is currently underway for broadcast on Art International Radio. Contact me if you would like to be involved as a lab tech:

Are you interested in helping out? Don't know where to turn? Are you seeking a short term fling or in it for the long haul? Take the Barn Exam, and we will have our experts place you with a project suited to your interests and needs.

Love you all!
Thanks again

Love, Alison and the Silent Barn