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Silent Barn needs more Chefs!
  "How could anyone live like that...."

What are chefs? Chefs are dedicated cats -anyone willing to spearhead a project or idea, something that could be still very undefined, causing the constant state of LoLz. Chefs cook dreams and make delicious meals come true. They are and will help shape the future of the Silent Barn.

The Silent Barn project has wildly grown. Right now we are about to sign a lease on an exciting property, which will include residential space, studio space, plant space, art space, show space, and so much more. It’s a complete blank slate at this point. And we need more manpower!

We are currently in search for a:

Grant Chef

Website Chef

Alternative Living/ Working Chef

(to explore different working-residential space models)

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO RUN A NON-PROFIT? OR WANT TO KNOW? PLLC (organizing/ nonprofit/ admin) NEEDS:

Fundraising Chef

Info Management Chef

Accounting Chef

Liabilities and Permits Chef


Renovation Chefs (we need so many of you now!)

Treasure Hunting Chef - (Material finder)

Architect licensed in New York (Seeking Professional Help)

Licensed Structural Engineer Engineer (Seeking Professional Help)

Fire Expert (Seeking Professional Help)

Plumber (Seeking Professional Help)

Electrician (Seeking Professional Help)

In addition we have a bunch of other projects that could use a few extra hands!

If you are interested in volunteering please reach out to

Thank you so much for supporting the project!!! <3 <3 <3



The distinction between "public space" "shared space" and "private space" 


"How could anyone live like that...."

Hello everyone!

As we work diligently on opening up a functioning and sustainable Silent Barn at a grand new location, we are talking internally a lot about notions and distinctions between kind of space and I just wanted to open the discussion up to a wider group. In many ways, the distinction between these kinds of space and the uses, feelings, and interactions they engender is the very meat of the Silent Barn project; these principles of space inform our history as a living space and a venue and of everything we were and are...

First a little history.. the "Husk", the 915 Wyckoff space, was my home for many years. My room was to the right when you walked in for a show. It was the one where you could see the string hanging from the ceiling, if the door was open. You were playing in my kitchen, you were watching the bands from my living room. Thats how it was in my mind, as i did living room stuff in the morning in the living room and cooked in the kitchen during the day.

But chances are If you were there for a show, you were transacting with the space not as a home, but as a venue, as "public space". You, the performance experiencing public were there to see a show, and if i was there and doing something not related to the show most likely my door was closed. I was not cooking (usually) during the show. So The space's identity was public and not private. but was going on here? I was paying rent, so by all capitalist rights of property this was MY space.

When the DOB and police came down on us, the discussion with the owners of the building became, "ok so what, so you just dont live there, just run your club and theres no problem." But that was missing the point. What aspect of the "home-ness" had an effect on venue-ness even when it wasn't being used as a home? The Silent Barn was never a club or a bar.  So we had to move to stay ourselves, what we perceived as a large part of our identity. The purposeful and aesthetic melding of public and private space. 

The question is How can we achieve a similar melding of public and private space in this new geographical set up? The residencies are on different floors. How as an organization can we keep the residences from becoming a separate dimension unto themselves, a notion that would subvert the reason we began looking for a new building anyway? 

If we are sharing the downstairs space with the public ("public space") and with each other as residents ("shared space") and each have a pace to sleep and put our stuff ("private space") how can we achieve an equitable balance between these ideas?

One of the ideas we've been playing around with is to consider the living rooms of each apartment as part of the "shared" or "public" space of the Silent Barn as a whole. When you came to the original silent barn, you hung out in my living room and watched bands in my kitchen. My living room and kitchen contained a "public project" - a performance space, that at certain times and under certain conditions, became a place one could come into and experience art. 

My things were in my bedroom. I didn't even have a lock on my door. I had things i liked in the main room. This worked in a very beautiful way. Because of the boundaries we established and the kinds of events we had. 

In this New building, our idea is to basically create 4 smaller silent barns upstairs. "Public projects" or an art studio, or an exhibit that would create an interactive reason for visiting each apartment should one so choose. 

This would be with certain instinctive rules, just as it was at the old space, that would respect both the needs of residents and people there to experience the space. 

What does everyone think of this idea? 

We think this idea would go a long way to fostering an exciting and fun interactive environment, and also keep the costs of renting a room at Silent Barn lower in a Just-ready-to get-the-fuck-gentrified-out-of-it Bushwick Brooklyn

• If you were already the kind of guy or gal that would be interested in living at an art venue, would you be interested in living in an apartment with a zine-library in the living room?, one who's hours you had a say in, and who's content you could help curate if you wanted to? 

• If you were interested in living at the Silent Barn, would you be interested in your kitchen being used to make food-art or to cook for bands? 

• Would you pay More or Less for a room in an art venue? Does a performance space in your apartment add value or devalue your life or apartment? 

and conversely:

• If you were an artist who had an interesting project that the public could and should interact with, would you set it up in someones apartment?

• How much would be too much for an opportunity to do this? what would one gain or loose with an arraignment like this?  

In our society, money is traded for control and ownership, and all situations and places are considered out of control if they aren't expressly owned and controlled by a entity or person through payment. 

I for one am not willing to write off peoples ability to get together and create new arraignments of art and culture. when people asked me how i could live "like that" my answer was usually "its endlessly interesting". 

I do not think I am so strange, and I think we should all explore different ways of living together and making art in a city that sometimes seems like its getting only more expensive and repressive, along with the world.

I'm Interested in as many points of view on these subjects, because I'm obviously biased after living collectively in NYC for the last 10 years:) 

What does everyone think?

Thank you,

G Lucas Crane 

..Silent Barn Lore.

Speaking of the good old days, did you ever have a good time at The Silent Barn? Of course you did. And we're tired of talking about ourselves so much. So why don't you tell us about an awesome time you had there.

Where you maybe this fellow?

Maybe you crowd surfed a giant number 8?

Or rocked out in a mosh pit?

Photos courtesy NO-CORE

Okay, were you maybe at the DOG LEATHER / Narwhalz (of sound) / Buddybag / NONHORSE / SHAMS show where these photos were taken.


Videos courtesy NO-CORE

Or maybe you just have a good story you'd like to share about being at The Silent Barn. Please email us so we can add your story to our next newsletter.

Show @ GRYC



+FIRST NATURE (Queens) [mems. The Forms]

+SUPERCUTE! (Brooklyn)

+BEACH ARABS (Brooklyn)

+CHIMNEYS (Brooklyn)

59-03 Summerfield Street (lower level)
Ridgewood, Queens, NYC 11385

L to Halsey
M to Forest



[presented by Silent Barn + Greater Ridgewood Youth Council]

On another cool note, LIZ HOGG from Beach Arabs and RACHEL TRACHTENBURG from Supercute! also have the unique distinction of having spoken at out last Public Meeting on the topic of All Ages Venues. Learn more about it in this article from the Ridegwood Times Newsweekly .

Or watch a video of that event right here:


The Stewdio Tour

We found it. The Silent Barn has nearly closed on a ten year lease with extension option on our new home.  Located in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, this 10,000 sq. ft. space can house eight legal residents in apartments above a first floor with a large concert hall opening to a yard as well as rooms large enough to fit at a dozen art studios. 

But don't take my word for it. Check out this video of us exploring the space.

But right now we need YOU to help us fill our studio and residential spaces with awesome people. Learn more right here . Tell your friends, have them tell their friends. We're excited to get the new Silent Barn of the ground, but even more excited to have YOU be apart of it

We've already had people coming up with ideas such as a Barbershop / Records Store and a Comic Book Shop to add to usual stew of projects. Check out our map of the space and imagine all the cool things you do in out new space.

And hey, we're not the only ones who are pumped. Check out these write ups in The Village Voice and Impose Magazine.



Want more Silent Barn?



Kickstarter Tapes

Hey Kickstarter Donors! Good news!

For those of you who will be receiving the collection of 10 lovingly packaged cassettes from
Partylab, we just wanted to show you that those tapes are being meticulously packaged and prepared for distribution. Each cassette has a hand made and unique insert.

Like this one which says:


That mad scientist put us on a rocket and blasted us into space


You developed some robot friends to keep us company in orbit


Stop wondering what we'll eat and breath and other science facts. Breath in, just relax.

Please email us if you are one of the donors who is supposed to receive these tapes and you have changes address.

Or check out the Party Lab Tumblr and download some classic Silent Barn show.


Every so often we get awesome ideas submitted to as potential Silent Barn projects to the Barn Exam. This weeks favorite is: Secret Drawing Faces Party

"drawing party where guests can draw each other, maybe set up in such a way that no one knows who's drawing who.

also, some way to contribute and display experimental videos created by guests."

If you have an idea for an awesome project that could be a part of the new Silent Barn, or if you just like to offer your help in general, please take the Barn Exam. Let us know all about yourself and join in the fun.